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  • hobot
    Well the bullets are aimed to strike the bone on who you are and what standing you have in nexus to the Federal Gov t - to qualify under Obamacare or not,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2012
      Well the bullets are aimed to strike the bone on who you are and what standing you have in nexus to the Federal Gov't - to qualify under Obamacare or not, exactly like IRS jurisdiction to even contact ya or to bank w/o a tax or SSN. Obamacare don't apply to a non-domestic, non-resident. non-US citizen-PERSON, and, non-citizen national, just like other pure foreigners with no connection to US Federal Gov't and its subdivisions in its Tax territory within its States of XX. .

      American National standing outside of Federal and STATE jurisdiction can be reported by W8BEN if they try to contact you for lack of coverage. Over a decade ago major bank told me they were closing checking d/t Patriot ACT requirements. Sent a W8BEN plus one page form for reason to use a US mail address as a mere convenience only and still checking as normal in fraud money system. XX STATE came after me for no SSN on my Doctor License, even pulling up and sending me high school records with SSN on it to question why not on license.

      Wrote the Examiners Board that was an error and sent along same as to bank and got my primary care license issued yearly again. Oh they delayed long enough to have cause to charge me with practicing w/o a license, but on a call to check up I was told, OH Look here it is must of gotten lost in file. LOL!

      Passport application, same format, but still issued a PP that does not distinguish between a US PERSON or non-citizen national status vs an American National standing, so must get authenticated application copy from Hillary Clinton Sec. of State back to have full proof of who and where you live outside of any Federal or State Of XX jurisdiction.

      Name Name, Name 111 Main street apt #1 Dejure Name County mail route 21 [last 2 ZIP digits = dejure post routes] State Name, United States of America [fully spelled out]


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