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Re: Properly Cited: 26 USC 165 (g) 2 (c)

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  • Michael
    Saturday 30 June 2012 I ran across this in an unrelated search for something. ... This is not true. FRNs are most always an expression of today s Federal
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      Saturday 30 June 2012

      I ran across this in an unrelated search for something.

      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, "vivus_spartacus" <vivus_spartacus@...> wrote:
      > For Over 40 YEARS FRNs have Failed to Meet the "Legal Tender"
      > Requirements Expressed in Law at 12 USC 411 Stating that they SHALL

      This is not true. "FRNs" are most always an expression
      of today's Federal Reserve Notes, aka the fiat. At the
      cited 12 USC 411, reference is to Federal reserve notes.
      Pay attnetion to the use of capitalized v non-capitalized

      Federal reserve notes were issued/to be used only amongst
      other Federal reserve banks. FRNs may fail the "Legal
      Tender" requirements for other reasons, i.e. repealed,
      but not for lack of redemption in lawful money, as stated

      (i.e. gold or silver Coin) ON DEMAND
      > thereby making them "WORTHLESS SECURITIES" by Legal Definition at:
      > 26 USC 165 (g)2(c)
      > Yet Simply Knowing This Truth only gets One half way out of the Dark
      > Woods which are packed with Wolves.
      > So Unless One's Assets & Livelihood are Secured and Well Protected,
      > and One has carefully Studied the Law & Procedures, think Twice
      > before Lighting/Playing With ANY Matches
      > Been There Won That, when America had a Peanut Farmer in the Oval
      > Office
      > Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your
      > getting, Get understanding. Proverbs 4:7
      > "vivus spartacus"
      > All Rights Reserved (In the 9th Amendment)
      > --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, mobinem@ wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Title 26 section 165 g WORTHLESS SECURITIES. 1 GENERAL RULE.
      > â€"If any
      > > security which is a capital asset becomes worthless during the
      > taxable year, the
      > > loss resulting therefrom shall, for purposes of this subtitle, be
      > treated as a
      > > loss from the sale or exchange, on the last day of the taxable
      > year, of a
      > > capital asset. 2 SECURITY DEFINED. â€"For purposes of this
      > subsection, the term “
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