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Re: an observation on Cryer's passing

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  • Energy Medicine Association
    He will be missed by many. He was an amazing soul. I pray someone will continue his work in the smart meter suit he had started. I hesitate to mention this
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 8, 2012
      He will be missed by many.  He was an amazing soul.  I pray someone will continue
      his work in the smart meter suit he had started.

      I hesitate to mention this on list but I know that many of us working for freedom are
      stressed to the max.  Stress can kill and if we're six feet under we can't do a lot to
      help with this battle against tyranny.

      I had gotten to the point of being "frozen" for many reasons.... dealing with huge IRS
      FF penalties, bills, not knowing which way to turn with paperwork due to conflicting
      information... I'm sure you can all relate.

      In November a dear friend of mine told me about a new amino acid blend that had lots
      research proving stress reduction... guaranteed.  I tried it and within days I was back
      to being able to focus, multitask and relax.

      In the position I'm in I have to be skeptical... I've worked within the alternative medicine
      field for over 20 years and have been constantly bombarded with this potion and that
      potion... most are marginal at best, but this product produced what it claimed faster
      than expected.

      If you're dealing with stress (stress causes many health issues including diabetes, high
      blood pressure, weakened immune system, sleep disorders and more) you might want to 
      take a look at this. We can't function properly when our shoulders are up around our ears.

      Some of the growth factors that are in this product are not available in our food supply.
      They are only available while we are in our mother's womb.... until now.  It is not considered
      a supplement... it's categorized as food.  Totally safe for all mammals... all ages.

      If you want to understand how it works... here's a good audio:  

      There's more info on the website:  www.miracle-egg.com

      If you want additional research (have tons of it) or info, just reply to sender. If you want to do
      your own research, go to www.pubmed.gov and search "Fibroblast Growth Factors".

      I KNOW this can help those of you dealing with stress or fear... I have many clients and friends
      in the freedom movement that have gotten their lives back because of it. 

      In loving service and appreciation,
      Paddy McAlister
      Director, Energy Medicine Association

    • hobot
      Here the life and death facts on this matter. We thrive only as long as we have reserves to Resist stresses of Mechanical, Chemical &/or Psyche. When we can
      Message 2 of 8 , Jun 8, 2012
        Here the life and death facts on this matter. We thrive only as long as we have reserves to Resist stresses of Mechanical, Chemical &/or Psyche. When we can no longer resist stress then to survive-get along we adapt. Resist means no change in your function, the cold or heat is felt but does not make you stop to put on cover or wet down. The weight can be held w/o extra support or change of posture for as long as needed. When stress is too long or too high for our reserves we must Adapt, ie: must cover up or limp on an injury instead of just powering through the pain or use a tool to close off water valve instead of just a hand. All of the above manly affects the nervous system and as long as nervous system able to resist one can carry on fine. When nervous system gets over whelmed then full function is lost and adaptations taken on, but slumping or taking substances to numb out or extra stimulate a desired nerve function, like stay awake, keep reading of typing or digging and plugging or waiting in jail until release. .

        Chemicals is obvious to most people, eat less junk and more good stuff you know works for you and avoid poisons and take what removes toxins. Sweets and sweeteners & bad oils top food lists that poisons us. Minerals are what the whole metabolism is geared around and needs the most yet the hardest thing to get in diet - unless living like a caveman-indian.

        Pshche = mental emotional states. One cannot hold a state of mind or emotions w/o also holding corresponding muscle tension state in jaws neck and chest or gut. Happy states are easier to hold long term and don't hurt structure or chemistry. Bad states take more energy and effort to hold and do injure chemistry and structures.

        Mechanical is the MAIN overlooked and Missed Killer in all of the above. We don't live in our peripheral nervous system but in the Central Nervous System, processing inputs to ignore, magnify or adapt too. But CNS don't have pain fibers so can become poisoned and strangled w/o our feeling where the pains and low brain reserve states come from. The CNS main function is to filter and inhibit the flood of signals not to create them or add to them. When CNS inflamed by poison or pressure then it both puts extra static on the inputs signals, say from old injury site and also to magnify almost nothing signals to severe levels. Like a sniper shooting out windows and tires, fix those all you like but the sniper reloads even more often.

        The Primary cause of death is vascular failure of brain or vital organs. The Primary cause of vascular failure is impingement on the Brain Stem. The Primary impingement on Brain Stem is wear and tear degeneration of old injury from birth on plus bad posture from work or hobby. This decay is called osteoarthritis, degenerative arthritis or post trauma arthritis. Same as a callous builds up on hand or foot d/t focused pressure to protect the area, but in spine it dissolves disc d/t lack of motion and causes spurs that press into blood flow or direct on nerves with some scar tissue between. Every chronic diseased organ, even poisoned/infected ones can be traced back to bad spinal nerve level and that can be traced back to bad upper neck reflexes from brain stem d/t mechanical blockage from bad posture.

        Fix is cave man simple - stretch neck longer and backwards to curve forward like our creator intended by comfortable means of active or passive ways or by traction devices about 30 min a day, forevermore. Sometimes can get instant relief to know its working, more often needs some weeks to see the proof. Only those of enough intelligence in this area make it long under high stress. Once feeling good don't be stupid and stop the process or can decay again or not have reserves for next big one.

        Next is a good bone joint MINERAL formula with the secondary support stuff of vitamins and sulfur compounds that make the news over the more vital mineral component. Ignore the news that CA supplements hurt the heart, of course that does if not taken along with the others, throws electrolytes off until it kills you. Try 2-4'xs the daily dose on label, till feeling right or too loose of stools then back off. Same as food air and water, must learn to dose as needed for you particular state at the time or better ahead of time, like court appearance after the barn storming prior.

        Chiropractic Biophysics is the most public offering this but they have you paying to use their equipment. Some DC's sell programs of "decompression" saying it isn’t stretching or traction, ha! What a sales pitch lie. But they are right and do fix people nothing else can, but it’s so simple DIY once recovered to some degree to do so. If you stretch to point muscle tension or sore joint sense felt, you best not as it isn’t coming where you feel it and can flair up brain stem to curl your toes into your gut and heart attack, so must be gentle and easy since and don't hold too tight too long. Yawn like does it. Rest chin in palms or on fists at desk is one example. If you burp soon after then you are doing it right. If acid reflux might find angle to right that turns it to a belch of relief instead of gas pressure that stops heart and fight for right. Same for any sign or symptom that's not under a tractor, on fire or snake bit at the moment. If lingers after normal fast recovery period, then it isn’t coming from where it seems to be.

        ================================================ http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1532-5415.2004.52458.x?cookieSet=1 ==================================================

        Dr. Shiver. Primary Care Physician licensed w/o no TIN or SSN thank you.
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