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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Documents showing the FBIs anti-American stance

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... The consciousness of the people has changed. Their willingness to waive rights for privileges has never been higher. ... Since winning the drivers
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 4, 2012
      > What "things" have changed since that time?

      The consciousness of the people has changed. Their willingness to waive
      rights for privileges has never been higher.

      > Have the laws that protect
      > the unalienable Right to use the public highways changed, or have the
      > state(s) continued to willfully ignore those Rights?

      Since winning the drivers license, registration and insurance issues
      three times three different ways in California, I can only conclude that
      the people (at least the ones I personally know) cannot be bothered to
      know law or about rights and other involved issues that take more than
      15 minutes of thought. The last time I won, the judge read a short list
      of reasons why I won to the filled courtroom, and then the next guy who
      was charged with the exact same charges as I was, and standing directly
      in line behind me, proceeded to plead guilty and accept punishment.
      Apparently he had been day-dreaming during the preceding twenty minutes.
      That was the last time I ever had to deal with the issues, in 1985.

      There have been a few key facts revealed here on this list that go
      routinely ignored by most, because voluntary slavery is very
      comfortable, until it isn't anymore. One is the true status of what
      people call, without knowing which ones they are, "the legal tender
      laws". It is very important to know Thomas Jefferson's (as an example
      of a free man from that period) definition of "dollar" that is
      permanently enshrined in the law. Then if one thinks that is a wrong
      definition, one should offer the new one and the date they believe it
      came into existence. Anyone here care to give it a shot?!

      (Oops! That could be interpreted as a Socratic question, so let me
      provide my answer: Barry might deign it worth his time because it is his
      list.) I personally get tired repeating myself.

      On another note, the last two days have provided me with two
      confrontations with city police wherein I was asked for identification.
      The encounters ended without me showing any "ID" (I know what the Q in
      IQ stands for...what does the D in ID stand for??) but both parties were
      invited to drop any official persona and act as friends in the
      neighborhood. This invitation was accepted and they got my nickname
      that friends call me, and they never said they wanted any more. I
      educated them, and let them know that I would never use the violations I
      showed them they were already guilty of in connection with these two
      meetings we had (a freebie??). Because I did not want to waste time, I
      dismissed them after proving that they were not ready for trouble and
      that nobody wanted any anyway, right?

      The technical brick was California Penal Code 810 among a few others.

      Imagine when asked for ID, and if you are in a hurry, you reply with (in
      a strange alien sounding voice) "take me to your leader". Failure to
      provide identification documents coupled with a demand for an
      "immediate" trip to the magistrate, versus a trip that contains
      "necessary delay" (such as with a rights waiving subject compliant one)
      would bring into question WHO gets to feel your disqualification wrath
      next, according to PC810 provisions. Today my contestant for
      credibility explained that no magistrate is on duty on Saturday. I told
      him how finding malfeasance and misfeasance was not as challenging as it
      once had been and that he probably would not want to cause trouble by
      having me require the law be followed in every jot and tittle!

      So, instead, we all decide to have a nice day, right? Right. OR we are
      off and having fun in a new charade designed to keep locals apparently
      employed. This is the subject for discussion I would raise with the
      first person I failed to disqualify (so far, nobody has qualified,
      boo-hoo-hoo!): Would you like this to cost the system the most or the
      least? I can modify my reactions in the interests of the common good,
      but current events have me in a quandary. Only a few years ago when I
      was being trained to manage a few million dollars of what I refer to as
      "mind money", there were only "3 trillion dollars" in the world's credit
      system. Today, the number grows by billions with each breath. Last
      biggest number I heard was in the hundreds of trillions. I cannot find
      a volunteer Certified Public Accountant who wants to go on record
      auditing and preparing tax returns for the monetary instruments that I
      present to him for that purpose, which I received in trade or in return
      for my time, etc. None has yet known of the Kahre case!!! So, are we
      after a big bottom line on this case, or the smallest possible? I will
      try to please! Are we laying them off or making busy work for them??
      How many can we cram into this bus??

      > I believe the
      > issue yet remains unresolved regarding what is a right and what is a
      > privilege, with all it's regulations and fees, fines, etc. It all
      > seems to be a matter of view point, with the courts having an agenda
      > to not reveal the complete truth to an ignorant public.

      It's a matter of admissions and confessions made by the proud arrogant
      ignorant willing subjects who waive the right in return for the
      privilege. It's because of lies they believe and even defend! They do
      it out of ignorance, laziness, stupidity, fear, cowardice, greed, lack
      of morals, convenience and expedience. I never look to the court to
      instruct me, even though it might do so. I look to instruct the court!
      (If I'm in a charitable mood - as my time here runs out I'm getting
      really cranky!)


    • Frog Farmer
      ... I think that any question is better than no question! ... I know what the Q in IQ stands for. What does the D in ID stand for? The ID as opposed
      Message 2 of 5 , Mar 10, 2012
        > -----Original Message-----
        > Sent: Sunday, March 04, 2012 2:16 PM
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        > Subject: Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Documents showing the FBIs anti-
        > American stance
        > Please forgive me if I am asking stupid questions, but I have not been
        > included in this ongoing discussion..I WANT TO KNOW MORE!!

        I think that any question is better than no question!

        > I have this weird opinion that I, as a free American citizen, should
        > not have to give my personal ID info to any hired jackanapes who asks.

        I know what the "Q" in "IQ" stands for. What does the "D" in "ID" stand
        for? The ID as opposed to the EGO? Just kidding.

        > I know this sounds reactionary, and hope that you might show me or
        > tell me, what authority they have ( unless I am caught committing a
        > crime of some kind) to demand my personal information under threat of
        > hauling me off to jail?

        I know of no law, and no one has been able to show me any law, that
        requires one not under contract to prove one's identity. And I count on
        the law that requires an "immediate" visit to a magistrate, California
        Vehicle code 40305 (versus a visit after necessary delay, section 40302)
        when I fail to provide such identification and demand the immediate
        hearing, whereupon my plan if I ever get that far is to disqualify both
        other participants.

        > And regarding a local political issue, does the local governing body (
        > in this case, the Borough Assembly) have the right to effectively TAKE
        > part of my land, without giving me notice?
        > I hope you will direct me to answers to these two questions.

        Regarding your political issue, it has been said that politics is that
        which is unsettled in the law. I don't know enough about your situation
        to make comment upon it.


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