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  • Max Price
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      Please send a letter.

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      Subject: Countdown to Sentencing

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      January 2012 Vol. 14 No. 01

      Countdown to Sentencing

      Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

      Table of Contents:
      1. Please Write Judge Voorhees
      2. Donations Are Still Needed
      3. U.S. debt now equals the economy!
      4. Local Currencies 'In the U.S. we don't trust'
      5. Visualize: All The World's Gold
      6. Forty Economists pan new gold standard for US
      7. What's Wrong with a Gold Standard?
      8. Who Rules America
      9. The Good Wife debuted with "Bitcoin for Dummies"
      10. In the broadband race, USA is not No. 1

      1. Please Write Judge Voorhees
      WOW!!! Thank you, for the kind words of support copied to me from some of your letters to Judge Voorhees. As I am relying on your good judgment to be respectful to my trial judge, you are not required to send a copy of your letter to me but it is very endearing to read your comments in support of the historic work we did with the Liberty Dollar. Thank you for taking the time to write Judge Voorhees regarding my upcoming sentencing hearing - whose date has not yet been set.

      Have you written a particularly good and respectful letter? Would you like to have your letter read in court and become part of the Liberty Dollar case history? Now is your opportunity. Please email a scan of your signed letter to me Editor@... or fax it to me 775.473.9929 and I will forward it to my attorney. Be a part of monetary history. Please send your letter to me. Thanks.

      If you are an attorney and have not yet sent your letter to me, please do so asap.

      NOW… In case you did not receive the Alert of January 18, 2012, please write to Judge Voorhees ASAP - the timing is critically important.

      Now that I am simply waiting for my sentencing date, the time has come for your direct participation in the legal process that will help define your seized property, the future of the Liberty Dollar and possibly the rest of my life.

      I know you have been wronged and suffered in many ways due to the government raid and court actions. I know you have been damaged emotionally and economically because of your stand for value and because you have been alienated from your seized property. And I know you have suffered politically over the loss that the Liberty Dollar could have provided to our great country.

      Now is the time for you to speak up with a personal letter addressed to: The Honorable Richard L. Voorhees who was my trial judge and the judge who will sentence me very shortly. It is my opinion that the jury erred and the judge was fair and impartial so please address Judge Voorhees respectfully.

      Please simply mention that you know me, heard me speak at an event, was a supporter, an associate, RCO or merchant or simply a part of the Liberty Dollar organization, used Liberty Dollars or supported the moral cause for a honest value based currency. And then explain why I should not go to prison because the Liberty Dollar was good for you and our country or that you don't know of any victims or that I am a good person or that you know I had no criminal intent.

      FYI: Your letter need not be long. The sheer number of letters speaks much louder than the size of any one letter. So please share this request with your family and friends. I need individual letters from as many people as possible.

      Please send a brief letter ASAP with your NAME and ADDRESS to:
      The Honorable Richard L. Voorhees
      U.S. District Judge
      United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina
      250 Charles R. Jonas Federal Bldg.
      401 West Trade Street
      Charlotte NC 28202
      And add: PLEASE FREE BVNH to the bottom left hand corner of your envelope.

      Please click HERE for a sample letter that is very long but equally outstanding.

      After sentencing, the case regarding the seized material will begin the long process that will ultimately conclude with the return of your wrongfully seized property.

      2. Donations Are Still Needed
      Many thanks for the donations too! I wish I had time to reply to all the wonderful notes that often accompany the donations. The notes are truly priceless.

      Donations are still needed and happily accepted to pay for the sentencing attorney. If you have not sent a few dollars, please consider making a donation. And while $20 is the most popular donation, please don't hesitate to send $5 or $10. Even a buck is greatly appreciated as a show of support for the ideals that the Liberty Dollar embodied.

      While those dreaded depreciating non-Federal non-Reserve notes are still OK, it is best to send a check or money order made out to BERNARD and mailed to: Bernard von NotHaus, 527 N. Green River Road, Suite 158, Evansville, IN 47715 with words of support that are more cherished than the money.

      Online donations are also available via www.givv.org that only accepts PayPal. And while it says that it is for "monthly donations" you can make a "one time" donation by sending your donation and then email Jason Pratt <jason@...> who will change your donation to just once.

      Many, many thanks to everyone who have made a donation. Again, I wish I had time to reply but being a federal criminal it is a full time job plus many donations are anonymous with no name or return address.

      3. U.S. debt now equals the economy!
      This is a dangerous tipping point and one I had hoped we would never experience when Liberty Dollar was first issued on October 1, 1998. But the truth is that the national debt is actually accelerating and the social, economic and political consequences are sure to follow. My heart aches for the country. Please click HERE for the whole story.

      4. Local Currencies 'In the U.S. we don't trust'
      With the rise of the national debt and the corresponding loss of value (purchasing power) of the once mighty US dollar, people are beginning to take matters into their own hands and issuing their own currencies because they simply do not trust the US dollar.

      Click HERE for the complete "Local Currencies 'In the U.S. we don't trust'" article by Blake Ellis for CNNMoney.com.

      Concurrent to the CNNMoney.com 'In the U.S. we don't trust' article was: "Funny money?" that documented 11 local currencies: Unfortunately, none of the well intending currencies listed in the CNNMoney.com article on January 18, 2012 are value based, all are fiat so they don't provide any protection from inflation for the users or their community and do nothing to return their communities or the country to economic sustainability. Nor was the largest and most successful currency that was 100% based on gold and silver, even listed.
      The eleven local fiat currencies listed were:
      BerkShares: Southern Berkshire, MA Started: 2006
      Equal Dollars: Philadelphia, PA Started: 1996
      Ithaca Hours: Ithaca, NY Started: 1991
      Bay Bucks: Traverse City, MI Started: 2006
      Cascadia Hour Exchange: Portland, OR Started: 1993
      Life Dollars: Bellingham and Seattle, WA Started: 2004
      Downtown Dollars: Ardmore, PA Started: 2010
      Potomacs: Washington, D.C. and suburbs Started: 2009
      Local Trade Partners: Fayetteville, AK Started: 2009
      Crescents: New Orleans, LA Started: 2004
      Brooklyn Torches: Brooklyn, NY Started: Still forming

      Please click HERE for the complete article of "Funny money?"

      5. Visualize: All The World's Gold
      Got a question re the size of the gold market, major mining countries or how it is used? Want a quick reference with snappy charts and graphics re all the fact and statistics on gold? Click HERE for "All the World's Gold."

      6. Forty Economists pan new gold standard for US
      As you may know, because of brainwashing and indoctrination, I have very little love for academia. This ridiculous article simply confirms my contempt.

      A poll of nearly 40 bipartisan economists showed no support for the idea that pegging the currency to the price of gold would lead to a more stable US jobs market or keep prices in check.

      "A gold standard regime would be a disaster for any large advanced economy. Love of the (gold standard) implies macroeconomic illiteracy," said Chicago Booth's Anil Kashyap.

      Click HERE for the complete ridiculous article.

      7. What's Wrong with a Gold Standard?
      Here is another brain-dead loser of an article from a sales engineer, technology enthusiast, radio host and amateur economist (no less!) whose radio program broadcast is on WHO (AM) in Des Moines, Iowa Saturdays from 12:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. CST and hosted by Dan Adams and Brian Gongol.

      Click HERE for What's Wrong with a Gold Standard?

      8. Who Rules America
      Wealth, Income, and Power by G. William Domhoff documents the details on the wealth and income distributions in the United States and explains how these two distributions are used as power indicators.

      Some of the information may come as a surprise to many people. In fact, I know it will be a surprise and then some, because of a recent study (Norton & Ariely, 2010) showing that most Americans (high income or low income, female or male, young or old, Republican or Democrat) have no idea just how concentrated the wealth distribution actually is.

      The images graphically display how financial wealth is currently distributed throughout the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

      Please click HERE for this amazing article on who rules America.

      9. The Good Wife debuted with "Bitcoin for Dummies"
      Prime time television, widely known for fiction, has no duty to truth, or reality. It is therefore a perfect platform in which to insert outright lies, which as we know, if repeated enough, will be construed as the truth. For those of us with the insight, a backroom closed-door visit to Hollywood by agents of the District comes quickly to mind, and with little further contemplation, an outlandish attempt at jury tampering.

      Recently, while NBC aired the hottest-trending-award-show-comic Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globe Awards, a new episode of CBS's The Good Wife debuted, entitled Bitcoin for Dummies. Here are two notable quotes from the first segment:

      Defendant Dylan Stack: "According to the FBI it is a violation of federal law for individuals to create private coin or currency systems."

      Treasury agent Higgs: "The penalty for creating a currency is ten to thirty years"

      It is just me, but isn't this strikingly close to the DOJ arguments in my Liberty Dollar case? Is the gov now ghosting scripts for their subliminal messages?
      Synopsis: The show's legal heavyweights quickly accede to a law that doesn't exist, and try instead to convince the judge first, that Bitcoin is not a currency, and failing that, that their client is... not the culprit.

      Click HERE for Bitcoin for Dummies while it is still available.

      10. In the broadband race, USA is not No. 1
      The nation that invented the personal computer, television, the cellphone, the smart phone and - oh yes - the Internet, lags in creatively using all these things. In both landline and mobile broadband, America is, at best, mediocre when measured on a variety of metrics such as penetration rates, Internet speeds and price.

      Why? The simple answer is that other countries have policies that promote competition and innovation. In contrast, policies here have allowed a few dominant players that control the least interesting parts of the broadband landscape (the cables and the wireless spectrum) to dominate.

      Click HERE to read this important article.

      Closing Remarks:
      I sincerely hope you will send Judge a brief and respectful letter in my behalf. It is very important that this case does not become case law.

      While I wish I could thank everybody individually for your support, many thanks to all who have taken the time to write Judge Voorhees and a special thanks for the donations. It is good people like you steadfast Liberty Dollar supporters who are leading the way towards a new value based monetary system for America.

      Many thanks for your continued support. For it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with "just weights and measures" will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

      Thank you again for all your efforts to return America to value - one dollar at a time!

      Bernard von NotHaus
      Monetary Architect/Editor

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