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Invitation for J.A.I.L. to join OccupyTheRoseParade

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  • Ron Branson
    Gentlemen, you have contacted me here at JAIL4Judges.org. I am Ron Branson, the founder of J.A.I.L. We have been on the scene since 1995. I have been watching
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2011

      Gentlemen, you have contacted me here at JAIL4Judges.org. I am Ron Branson, the founder of J.A.I.L. We have been on the scene since 1995. I have been watching with interest your overall efforts. We have been discussing how, if anything, we could help in your overall cause. Allow me to state our concerns. There is no doubt there will be, or is, left-wing leaders which are going to inundate your effort. To put a name on the face, we are talking about Communist Party of the United States. We are concerned about "associations," and "appearances." I suppose it will not hurt for me to talk with you about both your objectives and ours.

      I see the Occupy Movement as frustrated People seeking a remedy about the current downswing in our nation and our economy. The question is not "What" we want, but just "How" we shall accomplish it! It is this later point on which I speak with authority, and have been since our founding. In 1981 I started out naive thinking that if the law was on your side then we should be able to go into the courts and address our concern with the facts. I first thought that I had happened on a corrupt judge, and that when I got to the Appellate Court they would swallow their Adams Apple in disbelief at how the judge below was ruling. That was in the early days of my ignorance. Little did I know, and was about to learn, was that corruption was the standard, and it comes down from the top. I was about to embark on a lifelong endeavor of suing government in the courts and learning that the heart of corruption was not in the government, but in the courts. I began to sue Judge A, and the lawsuit would go in front of Judge B, who would always cover for the first judge urging "Judicial Immunity." This is a doctrine created by judges which asserts that Judges cannot be sued for any alleged wrong they have done. If fact, Judicial Immunity says, in effect, "Yes, I did what you accuse me of doing, but you cannot sue me because I am a judge covered by Judicial Immunity!"

      So the bottom line is, it does not matter what the law says or imposes, Judges do not have to obey the law or even their Oaths of Office to uphold the Constitution. So when it comes to the Constitution versus the Judges, Judges are the final authority and the Supreme Law of the Land, and what the judges say is the final word!

      Lord Acton said in his famous quote, said, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute authority corrupts absolutely." So what you in reality are fighting is "Judicial Immunity," but there isn't one in a thousand that realizes what the enemy really is. It is not "Who," but "What." So long as the People ignorantly pursue a bogus enemy, they will expend all their energy in frustration seeking a remedy, but finding it alluding them.

      So if I can help your organization to focus their attention to effectively accomplish what they seek, I am here to help. Since you have contacted me, I take it that you, or someone within your ranks, realized that J.A.I.L. may have something to add. For this, I am impressed. If you are seeking guidance in your cause, I am here and want to help. Consider this the initial effort to see if we can be of help to one another. In short, we will never accomplish what we seek without dealing with this doctrine of Judicial Immunity. J.A.I.L. stands for Judicial Accountability Initiative Law. Initiating this, I promise we can rock this nation to the core. So let us talk!

      Ron Branson
      National J.A.I.L. Commander-In-Chief
      (818) 310-8999

      Occupy Rose Parade (Google Groups) wrote:
       Occupy Rose Parade occupytheroseparade@... has invited you to join the 
      OccupyTheRoseParade group with this message:
      Website : http://www.OccupyTheRoseParade.org
      Official Google Group Invite: http://groups.google.com/group/
      This is an invitation to join the OTRP listserve & donate for the Jan 1-2, 
      2012 actions. Please also 'Like' our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/
      KEY FACTS : 1 million will be in attendance at the Rose Parade in Pasadena. 50
      million will be watching throughout the USA with another 200 million watching 
      globally via live TV circuits and thousands of on-site reporters & cameras. 
      KTLA, NBC and ABC will cover live (esp. the corner by Orange Grove & the 
      Norton Simon museum -- where 'the Rose' is). See the giant blowup map onsite 
      at OccupyLA's southside City Hall steps (near 'the Box'/media bulletin board).
      Why the Rose Parade? Simple. The Rose Parade has become far too militarized (
      see, for example, this coming year's Jan 2012 Grand Marshall, J.R. Martinez-- 
      an Iraq war soldier) and far too corporatized with major banks & financial 
      institutions increasingly undwriting many of the floats. Please note we have 
      no criticism of Mr. Martinez himself -- only of the growing militarization and
      corporatization of U.S. politics & popular culture. Tens of thousands will 
      converge to protest the complete breakdown of U.S. Justice & Wall Street's 
      revolving door and the 1%'s de facto control & takeover of America's political,
       cultural & economic systems. I.e., the corporate takeover of public spaces & 
      events such as the Pasadena Rose Parade.
       Http://www.OccupyTheRoseParade.org/ : We are a two day affinity project of 
      the international "Occupy Wall Street" movement . Please share the site with 
      other 99%ers via Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms. 
      We are striving for 40,000 national & international occupiers converging at 
      Pasadena's Norton Simon (by Orange Grove Blvd & Colorado Blvd) from Dec. 31, 
      2011 to 2 pm, Jan. 2, 2012. Further details pending (see website also). 
      Here is the group's description:
      Affinity project of the international "Occupy Wall Street" movement . Primary 
      Goals : (1) Legislate real Wall Street Accountability; (2) Mobilize "We Are 
      the 99%" support for real systemic reforms. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/
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