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Do I owe "income" taxes

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  • Randy Maugans
    One will never be sure as the laws were written for obfuscation, not clarity. That we the people (in the mind matrix of the so-called Constitution)
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      One will never be "sure" as the laws were written for obfuscation, not clarity. That "we the people" (in the mind matrix of the so-called Constitution) continue to look for relief from such a defective document is rabbit hole #1. Rabbit hole #2 is that you would seek an "attorney" (look up the history of the "attorners" of feudalism) to aid you, when these are all officers of the courts and owe allegiance to their system---not their "clients." Rabbit hole #3 is that you would seek any external authorities, especially on websites of "tax protesters" (such as defined in the the IRS Codes), and especially any seeking payment for their "information." The IRS does not like anyone edging in on their money game, just as the Fed pursues counterfeiters because it represents a competing gang.

      Dave Champion, like all high profile tax resistance movements, is doomed to failure the moment a PRICE (in US FRAUD$) was placed on it. You have a choice: use THEIR system to make money and play the game, or be brought down.

      There is ONE authority: the voice inside you that determines a moral compunction, or lack thereof; the reasoning of higher intelligence to act boldly as a single being toward your moral will, and to do so using the information that compels your reasoning. There actually ARE many people "outside the system", to one degree or another, and they do so quietly, with tenacity, and with conviction. Their path isn't easy, but they have an inner conviction that allows them to prevail, and to slowly break the grip of tyranny.

      If YOU lack enough conviction to press into understanding the statutes and how the court systems work...and that you will NOT win in "their" courts, you should simply continue to pay, file, and comply. Groups...even this one...are full of competing tactics, variable opinions, and constant arguments as to the "correctness" of various tactics. Even plying their well-crafted documents in the arcane legalese is simply a cloak for the ignorance they parade in front of willfully ignorant "officers of courts." Even the tern, "non-filer" is a legal term that stands inside the judicial jargon and places one in their purview.

      I have been "outside" of their system for 20 years, in one fashion or another, and faced repeated trials of my faith and tenacity. How does one do this? "If I tell you I will have to kill you." My conclusions, actions, and trials are based on my own work...not that of gurus and self-knowing pundits in groups. Did I glean from these? Yes! But, IF I allowed THEIR interpretations, THEIR tactics, and THEIR discernment to ever come near my own----I am DEAD MEAT! 

      Suffice to say that it took me ONE letter, properly crated, and placed into the hands of the right person at the right time to halt actions that I have seen strip others to poverty, nervous breakdowns, and total capitulation---or prison. There is more than one way to defeat the Beast, but only ONE will that prevails: KNOWING. When you KNOW, you will not ask: "How do I know?" And you will not place yourself in the shadow of  another persons so-called "wisdom", to twist in the wind. 

      Winning in not about defeating a system, it is about winning your OWN liberty...then, you can quietly, by example, teach others whom you see have the HEART for a battle they do not appear to be able to win. You are not a monkey that needs to jump through hoops for some "guru"; you are not an ant who needs the collective wisdom to gather crumbs...you certainly do not need to "join" yet another doomed effort to bring down the tax system (you will be co-opted)...YOU need to line up with YOU, and get wisdom ,get knowledge, and get a solid grip on your heart. this is not a "legal" battle, it is a battle of hearts and will. The answer in within you...the rest is WORK.

      Randy Maugans

      (Wonder if this will get posted?)

      I am looking for a way to become certain about whether or not I am required by
      the IRC to file, and whether or not I am required to pay, "income" taxes.
    • Dave Kushin
      First, I want to thank very much all who responded for your willingness to help -- some very interesting responses. Second, I hereby agree that I take no
      Message 2 of 8 , Jul 5 7:30 PM
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        First, I want to thank very much all who responded for your willingness to help -- some very interesting responses.

        Second, I hereby agree that I take no response as advising me not to pay taxes or anything which might be contrary to any law, including giving legal advice or practicing law.

        Third, I am nowhere even remotely close to being ready or willing to tangle with or oppose the IRS, so no one needs to advise me to continue filing or paying or anything along that line.  Right now I'm just trying to get to the truth about the IRC as simply and understandably as possible.

        My main source of data has been Pete Hendrickson.  I've also read that "wages" are not taxable because they are not profit.  But Pete wrote, "all 'income' received as 'wages' over the statutory exemption amount is generally deemed to be 'profit' in the context of the tax, and always has been."

        So as I understand it, according to Pete, money received for private sector labor, services, etc. is not taxable because it is not federally privileged -- the reason it is not taxable does not have to do with whether or not it is profit.

        That's the main point I want to clarify right now. 


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