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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Perjury Under Federal Law

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... So when they do their thing, have fun doing yours. Know that it doesn t matter in the end. There is a way to make them want to leave you alone. It ll be
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 18, 2011
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      BOB GREGORY wrote:
      > To all of that I say, so what? You can tell them that stuff all day
      > long and they will still do the same thing as if you had said nothing.
      > They do not know anything about the Northwest Ordinance. Most of them
      > don't even have a clue about the United States Code, the Code of
      > Federal Regulations, the Federal Register Act or the Administrative
      > Procedure Act. They go to training sessions based on selected
      > information and IRS policy and are then told to go out and COLLECT.
      > That is the name of their game and the usual extent of their
      > knowledge. They do noe even care about Supreme Court rulings,
      > although their own Internal Revenue Manual says sthat SC rulings are
      > the law of the land.

      So when they do their thing, have fun doing yours. Know that it doesn't
      matter in the end. There is a way to make them want to leave you alone.
      It'll be your way, because it will fit your life. My way fits my life
      but won't fit the lives of those around me. Usually, in Initial Moments
      Of Confrontation (IMOC) I like to get things over with as fast as
      possible, because most are with local cops and sheriffs. But with IRS,
      I like to really take their time. And that is easy to do. When I let
      them see how uneconomical I am as a quarry, I am left alone. I've taken
      the battle to them more than they've come to me. Every time, they tried
      to get rid of me fast. Every time, they were left having no good
      response, and it was clear that the buck would be passed. So, enjoy
      their failure to comprehend English and take meaning from it. Point out
      their age and how they are part of the grand experiment to dumb everyone
      down for easy manipulation. The fact that they are there and you are
      not speaks volumes. BTW, the other day I met a woman older than me by
      just a few years who had no knowledge of the existence of the Soviet
      Union during her lifetime. And a recent poll of scientists had a
      majority believing that humans have no consciousness and so medical
      experimentation was not unethical.

      > The next time a robber comes up to you on the street with a gun and
      > demands your money, tell him that what he is doing is against the law
      > and see if he says, "Okay" and leaves. It works the same way with the
      > IRS.

      I've been the target of two attempted robberies on the street where I
      left unrobbed and uninjured. One time I pretended not to understand,
      and the other time I acted CRAZY. That might work the same with IRS, I
      don't know, but I always adapt to the specific conditions of the
      situation, which are too varied to talk about.

      Our future will be like no past ever considered. So you can make your
      own present!


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