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Re: [tips_and_tricks] An example of preparation for trial

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  • keystone law
    Bravo I wish I could fight like that. I would be wealthy an have my ministry or prison rehab. ... From: Legalbear To: bear@freedivorceforms.net Sent:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 2, 2003
      Bravo I wish I could fight like that. I would be wealthy an have my ministry or prison rehab.
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      From: Legalbear
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      Subject: [tips_and_tricks] An example of preparation for trial

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      Christopher Hansen [mailto:sovereign@...]
      : Wednesday, July 02, 2003 1:01 AM
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      A member of The First Christ ian Fellowship of Eternal Sovereignty and former candidate for the Independent American Party wins by being better prepared than the City Attorney.

      We are now 6 wins out of 6 court appearances in five years.

      In a simple traffic case where one of our members, B. J Ballard, was cited for Failure to yield the right-of-way we went into their court without needing to challenge all the things we usually do. (A win is a win and this was a cheep win without having to challenge everything that ticks the courts off.)

      BJ was declared Not Guilty!

      BJ is only 23. He represented himself. Since he was prepared he was not afraid. He did not let the City Attorney intimidate him. When he got nervous he just looked at his list of questions and proceeded on. He looked like a pro that had been in courts many times. He made the City Attorney look amateurish, baffled and helpless.

      We did however prepare. We read the law and put all the information in writing. We made a large colorful chart of the scene (Thank you Mrs Hansen). We took pictures (Thank you Mrs. Hansen) . We showed that the other driver Could not have been driving lawfully so there was no reason to yield the Right-of-Way. We took pictures of the signs, the Street markings, the general area, the inlets and outlets, the jogger and the bike rider.

      Their witness came in unprepared. No charts. No pictures. He did not even know the cross street. He did not know what the law said. The guy was clueless. He even admitted he was going 30 MPH and went past the opening at this rate of speed. He looked like a fool.

      The City Attorney did not even have the laws that could affect this case printed out and had to get the court copy of the Statutes.

      We had our witness prepared. He knew the area. He new the answers because he had a copy of the questions in advance with time to prepare.

      The City Attorney tried to get BJ to cut a deal and plead Nolo and take a non moving violation and a $50.00 fine with traffic school. He told the CA to forget it. Then the Puke City Attorney tells BJ that he cannot have a witness because the CA was not informed in advance. BJ told him that he had not been notified in advance of the City's witness so he would not allow that witness. Well we naturally got our witness. The Puke CA did not even tell us we did not have to have the trial today. But since we were prepared and knew the CA was not we told the judge we were ready and slammed them.

      Thank you Bill Drexler for teaching me to fight and more importantly to be more prepared than the Puke Nazi government attorneys.

      Thank you Oscar Fossanhero.

      If you let them win then they will. If you do not fight then you lose.

      And most importantly thank you Heavenly Father for leading us and guiding us and helping us win again.

      Christ opher

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      Excellent !! Now Sue the bitches and basters who false arrested you and the puke ca for malicious prosecution!
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        Excellent !!

        Now Sue the bitches and basters who false arrested you and the puke ca for
        malicious prosecution!
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