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Hundreds rally at Texas state capitol building to protest TSA threat to blockade Texas airports

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    http://www.naturalnews.com:80/032515_TSA_tyranny.html TSA Hundreds rally at Texas state capitol building to protest TSA threat to blockade Texas airports
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    Hundreds rally at Texas state capitol building to protest TSA threat to blockade Texas airports

    Wednesday, May 25, 2011
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
    Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...)

    (NaturalNews)--The revolution against government tyranny is underway in Texas, led by Alex Jones and hundreds of protestors who stormed the state capitol building today in protest over TSA tyranny. Late yesterday, the TSA threatened to turn Texas into a no-fly zone if it passed a law criminalizing inappropriate TSA pat-downs (i.e. sexual molestation by government thugs). (http://www.naturalnews.com/032514_T...) This threat of economic terrorism against Texas resulted in an immediate and powerful backlash by members of the public across the entire political spectrum.

    At the State Capitol in Austin, hundreds of protestors tried to storm the public gallery but were stopped by state troopers who denied them entry. With chants of "Cowards!" and "Treason!" the group had earlier made its way into the House Chamber and protested there, then it continued on to the Senate chamber. (http://www.statesman.com/blogs/cont...)

    Texas state senators pulled the bill from consideration after support for it collapsed in the wake of the
    TSA's thinly-veiled threat of economic terrorism: If Texas passed the bill, the TSA warned, it would conduct an economic blockade and deny all air travel to and from Texas airports.

    This act has turned the TSA into an occupying army, reports Paul Joseph Watson at InfoWars.com (http://www.infowars.com/texans-take...). "If allowed to continue this practice, federal government goons will be sticking their hands down the pants of citizens at malls, hotels, theme parks, and on streets across America," he writes.

    NaturalNews has also warned readers about "the rise of the Nazi secret police in America" (http://www.naturalnews.com/032458_T...). We've urged readers to call their local lawmakers and urge them to pass laws evicting the TSA from their states. It is now clear, however, that the TSA will resort to economic terrorism to stay in power as an occupying enemy force in every U.S. state.

    Why the TSA may drive America to a revolt

    Thanks to the TSA , tensions between U.S. states and the federal government are heating up. More and more people are becoming aware that the true agenda of the TSA is not to make air travel safe (because checking a baby's diapers for poop bombs is not security) but rather to indoctrinate the public into accepting government molestation at security checkpoints that are now being set up at places like the high school prom dance! (http://www.naturalnews.com/032499_T...)

    The TSA has now proven it is a rogue, dangerous organization that threatens the economic stability of every state in the union. It is clear that the TSA will need to be removed from the airports by FORCE -- at gunpoint, with the help of state troopers and local law enforcement. The next step in this battle for privacy, dignity and personal security needs to see Texas state troopers marching into the airports and evicting the TSA criminals operating there.

    The TSA is now a threat to the security of an entire nation. It has accomplished what the terrorists never could: The power to economically threaten an entire state if they do not comply with the TSA 's demands. And now is it abundantly clear that the TSA will hold each state hostage if it doesn't meet the TSA 's demands to run security checkpoints at shopping malls, movie theaters, high school dances and sporting events.

    The TSA , in other words, demands the power to feel your genitals (or the genitals of your wife, or daughter, or baby) or it will shut down your airports and extract a huge economic penalty from the lack of air traffic. These are terrorism tactics now being used by the federal government against its own innocent people.

    I urge all NaturalNews readers to join in the protests and rallies while supporting legislation that would nullify the TSA in all 50 states.

    If you're in California, by the way, take part in the Nullify Now conference (www.NullifyNow.com) happening in L.A. in just a few days. The TSA will be one of the issues discussed there.

    Watch for more breaking news on the TSA here at NaturalNews.com and InfoWars.com. Listen to Alex Jones at www.PrisonPlanet.com

    There is a possibility that I may be appearing on the Alex Jones show this Friday and, if so, I will of course be covering developments in this story.

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