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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Silver Liberation Army

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... Max Keiser dubbed it that. He has a lot of fun being one of the most productive people I know of, along with Stacy Herbert. I ve been telling everyone to
    Message 1 of 2 , May 10, 2011
      Ron Goodger found talk of the Silver Liberation Army most intriguing:

      > I had
      > what I can only describe as a 'vision' about silver being the cause of
      > demise of the 'beast' (central bank)....
      > ...
      > This 'vision' occurred just a few days before the Ann Arbor event. I
      > have no expanation for why I would have dreamed or imagined something
      > like that, but I knew immediately that the 'vision' was showing me the
      > answer to the national debt and the fraudulent fiat money system that
      > is draining the wealth of our people and the people of the world. I
      > had no idea that the source of the streaming silver tracers would be
      > dubbed the Silver Liberation Army.

      Max Keiser dubbed it that. He has a lot of fun being one of the most
      productive people I know of, along with Stacy Herbert. I've been
      telling everyone to accumulate silver forever. I tried to get Ron Paul
      supporters to think about it. I failed Big Time. But Max and Stacy
      have opened the floodgates that are bringing the poor and down-trodden
      into the physical market to get their meager share and protect it from
      the ravages of paper inflation. To join the SLA you only need to get
      one ounce!

      One interesting fact about silver is that if all of the above-ground
      supply were to be equally divided amongst humanity with each person
      receiving the same amount, your share would be about two pre-1965 dimes.
      Two bits (8 bits = 1 dollar) is 2.5 times that, and today that can be
      traded for 55 nickel coins one can find in casinos. That's less than a
      pack of cigarettes. People tell me they cannot afford to buy silver!
      Why can I?

      Will power!

      How do I win all the time at casinos? I don't, just most of the time.
      I'm way ahead because of a concept known as "money management". A lot
      is written about beating the slots, and everyone's book has a chapter on
      money management, and that is the key to it all. I don't gamble; I work
      gaming computers that have a much smaller selection of buttons to push
      than my own PC and a Random Number Generator running in conjunction with
      about 20 other simultaneous programs! You get a feel....I call it
      timing, but it's all mental, not with a stopwatch.

      However you can, accumulate silver for the good of yourself, your family
      and your country. It is the lawful money, the first thing denominated
      in dollars (and that law is still in effect, if not enforced - we
      enforce it ourselves on a case by case basis). The Dollar pre-existed
      the US which cannot make any proprietary claim to the use of the word or
      Standard Unit of Measure, any more than it can with "quart" or "ton".


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