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Get prepared for trial in advance!!

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  • Legalbear
    This is an attorney talking on being prepared for trial. There s a lot of good suggestions here. This is for a tax criminal trial but would apply for any
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2003
      This is an attorney talking on being prepared for trial. There's a lot
      of good suggestions here. This is for a tax criminal trial but would
      apply for any other type of trial. Bear

      I suppose you have your Petition for Redress of Grievences all proper
      and filed and dated, and copies and sent registered letter, return
      reciept requested so you can argue the Constitution and how they are
      depriving you of your constitutional Rights.
      I suppose you have your questions to the jury and have at least 14
      copies of the U.S. Constitution to give to the jury, the court and the
      Prosecuting Atty. They like defendants that give them something to read
      and follow your arguments word for word out of the u.S. Constitution,
      Money talks and B.S. Walks, so you better have the pages marked for you
      to quote from.
      I suppose that you have your motion to dismiss for failure to prove a
      Prima Facia case under U.S. _______, and then if denied a motion for a
      Mis Trial.
      And of course all the Regular Motions, and exceptions, Objections, etc
      as laid out in the books including a Motion to be allowed on bail after
      conviction and not incacerated in order to perfect your appeal.
      You have to flood them with motions, since if any one is denied
      wrongfully, YOU WON.
      Of course a smart man like you already has all this laid out ahead of
      time, so it will only be to date and sign the papers and you're free.
      Doc I will be honest with you. I don't think that you have even one
      motion set out, and that is just DUMB-DUMB-DUMB!!
      Well, I don't want to interfere with the BRAIN OR is it the CAPTIAN OF
      THE THE KAMAKAZI'S.about trivial matters.
      I will let you know that all the above is set out in books put out by a
      VERY NICE AND INTELLIGENT MAN, that posts on this list often, but of
      course you do not need any help, you've already got everything under
      control, and the reason your lawyer is not talking about these motions
      is that he thinks he will get you to cop a plea so he won't need any.
      Got to run now and I think I could go on for another hour but since you
      most likely will delete this email before reading it all, i might as
      well save my breath.
      Have a Great Day!!!
      P.S. How many criminal Trials have you sat thru so you understand the
      I'll bet NONE!!!

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