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What are Legislatures? Creatures of the Constitution: a judge who gets it :-)

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... George Gordon said, The conversation breaks right down. That s what I want out of every IMOC. I want us all to go separate ways and have a nice day.
    Message 1 of 13 , May 7, 2011
      Michael wrote:
      > --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, "Frog Farmer" <frogfrmr@...>
      > wrote:
      > > The game that I've been saying is over for years
      > > is the one that relies upon the use of the word
      > > "dollar". Every time my usurping impersonating
      > > neighbors come against me for some reason, they
      > > always involve the use of that word! But they
      > > are never using it properly! So I don't play
      > > with them and they get saddened by my reaction
      > > to their administrative attempts.
      > With so much to learn in order to do, this is one
      > of those lessons that shouts out as key, for it does
      > silence those who would otherwise trod over one's
      > singular, real existence. It may not be the "silver
      > bullet," but it has the effect of driving a wooden
      > stake through the heart of the opposition.

      George Gordon said, "The conversation breaks right down."

      That's what I want out of every IMOC. I want us all to go separate ways
      and have a nice day. Otherwise no one knows what might happen! I
      definitely know that some paycheck anticipators may become at risk at
      their station at the public feeding trough, and make that known in the
      moments following the IMOC (which takes a minute or less, right? Maybe
      just a millisecond? Nanosecond now with robot computer witnesses??).

      My last IMOC and subsequent hours proved very interesting. I have to
      say, unless they're just stalling for time while targeting the guided
      missile, or prepping the sniper, they do have me thinking that I'm on
      the right track for achieving my main goal, which is to be left alone.

      > Mention has been made of my case against the Illinois
      > Toll Authority challenging what is being demanded
      > as payment. While a court "loss," it has not resulted
      > in any. In my appeal, which was dismissed as "untimely,"
      > in a ploy used by the appellate court to chicken out,
      > the Summary Order dismissing it came back as "This
      > Order Is Not Precedential And Is Not To Be Cited."
      > Certainly, the money issue struck a nerve!

      When you win, recognize it and back off, is a lesson I learned on my
      very first case. I won too early, but was a new law student
      (non-school) and had plans to see this and that later step "work". So
      when I won early I didn't recognize it, and then I was dumb enough to
      make sure they continued with the process. In doing so, we all had lots
      of "fun" and I got to train many new hires (I was the grist for their
      mill) for three years. I was worked hard, but I was happy to get the
      education I so wanted! BUT, looking back, I wish I had spared myself
      the trouble, because other following cases took other time that could
      have used more quality time and attention...

      > I recently read that no court will allow ANY case,
      > from one who is without an attorney and who wins,
      > [and even those who do not "win" but raise the issue
      > of "money."] to be published lest the publication of
      > it be used as a learning tool for others and be a
      > source for more of the same.

      That's okay, because followers need not apply. We all need our own
      position that we own, not somebody else's that sounds good and we'll try
      it out.

      > Everyone, [excepting those who already "do"] on this
      > site should take note of the FACT that the money issue
      > is an important tool to be used in every possible
      > instance where any form of government is making a
      > demand to pay either "$" or "pay the amount..." The
      > door was just opened as wide as can be. Walk through
      > it to your advantage.

      Sylvester Stallone just said it! "ABSOLUTELY!"

      > The most common type of court case anyone is exposed
      > to is traffic. Use the money issue when a determination
      > of "guilt" is made.

      Better yet, in the IMOC!!! And every step thereafter!!! Make these
      paycheck anticipators burn a few calories off between their ears!

      > Object and demand to know what is
      > being demanded as a fine, in what form, etc.

      No!! Too vague and might lead to embarrassing admissions and
      confessions! The question for the Knaves is:

      (As taught to me by Merrill Jenkins):

      "WHAT is the current MONEY OF ACCOUNT of the United States and HOW MUCH
      of THAT is a "Dollar" Quantity?"

      When you asked that question, you just pulled the pin...what comes next
      could be "interesting". A lot depends upon your personal knowledge of
      the subject so that you can refute lies instantaneously, as a lie
      acceded to looks like fact in the record.

      > This small
      > step, if used by many, and there is NO excuse why not,

      Right! NO EXCUSE WHY NOT!! Except that the pizza on the front seat
      might get cold! Or, my kids were at home alone, or...etc.

      > will lead to bigger steps, like me now challenging what
      > is being demanded to pay property tax, and HOW was the
      > assessment determined?

      Here is a story I might have told before, short version. I guy I know
      used pinto beans to pay, and waited for an objection. No objection! Why
      would a paycheck-anticipating unsworn impersonator of an assessor want
      to rock his own cushy boat!? That guy was not the only one to say "No!"
      in his own unique style. None of this depends upon your adversary
      understanding anything! Did you hear? At last check almost half of
      Detroit's Americans cannot read! Does anyone know the numbers where
      they are? I don't care what they are, I assume everyone I meet is a
      moron or imbecile until they prove otherwise. I'm a self-designated
      idiot clown, in the original sense. I'm pleased as punch to meet a

      > If you are not willing to take the first step, then
      > realize you are sanctioning that which you seemingly
      > oppose. Is it "fear?" Turn that "fear" into fight!

      FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

      Prove that wrong to yourself, go ahead, try!

      > Thanks to FF for presenting this, among so many
      > other issues. The FF, a user of gems who is one
      > himself.

      Aw shucks, I like you too! Last gems I used were at an Indian Casino -
      makum heap big wampum! Unfortunately, two squaws ripped me off for most
      of that big wampum. I know, I sound callous using that term, but they
      used it first ("kinda like" Blacks use the N word)! They use their
      Tribal membership to make the cost of fighting their rip-off too much
      for me, and they were successful. That's okay because I take their
      whole casino for many many times more nickels than they got taking two
      little orange tourmalines.

      A funny thing about casinos is the front panels on a lot of the slot
      machines have gems prominently displayed among piles of paper money and
      columns of gold and silver coins, and gold and silver bars. The Gems
      are actually the most concentrated form of wealth in the picture. If
      you had to run with the first thing you'd grab, most Americans would
      grab the paper money. So sad! Orientals tend to grok the inclusion of
      gems, while few Americans can even approximate the values.

      > Silver has just taken a precipitious drop from just
      > under $50 to as low as just under $34. This may be
      > one of the most significant fire sales for silver
      > in everyone's lifetime. Those who want to be "doers"
      > have to take SOME form of action, and buying silver,
      > in any quantity, is one of the most important ways
      > of making a difference when it otherwise seems so
      > futile.

      Yes, and if one is at all interested but skeptical, there is much
      written about it already.

      > Buying silver is better than making a "registered vote."

      By your own law it is THE MONEY. Most Americans have no American money.
      Even bums had it when I was a kid! Everybody had it, but went for paper
      instead, well, not "everybody".

      > Resolve to make a difference, today...everyday! Making
      > a difference is a matter of choice. Make your choice
      > a matter of habit, and you will soon see a difference.

      Jump in, the water's fine!

      > Let me add that I have fought other cases, mostly
      > traffic, that I lost. My argument was pretty solid,
      > and no state attorney effectively counter-argued me.
      > It was always the judge who made a final adverse
      > determination, often for a bogus reason, and the
      > appellate would back up the decision.

      THAT is WHY disqualifying EVERYBODY is cost effective for you!

      > Cost to me? Fines. Cost to the STATE, double or
      > triple, if not more, in obtaining the fines. The
      > system cannot afford to operate that way, but it
      > absorbs minor losses, like mine, because it is
      > cheaper than taking on hundreds of others who would
      > choose to fight, who simply choose not to fight.
      > I may not be the best example, nor offer the best
      > examples, but I am in there, refusing to cooperate
      > with the corporate.

      That is the crux, corporeal versus corporate.

      > I present my poorly executed
      > examples for others to use and improve upon, at will.
      > It is from here that I received so much in order to do.
      > Isn't that what this site is all about, he asked
      > rhetorically?

      Who is to judge your fight when nobody but you is there to witness it
      live? There is not time to wait until somebody "does it" perfectly and
      then also happens to write about it perfectly on this here list!

      > Cheers!

      "If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right."
      - George Gordon


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