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What Part Of The Declaration Of Independence Do You Not Understand?

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  • hobot
    What may be over looked in reading-understanding Declaration of Independence, is the reference - dependence on Nature s G-d and Nature s Law as basis of legal
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      What may be over looked in reading-understanding Declaration of Independence, is the reference - dependence on Nature's G-d and Nature's Law as basis of legal principle of innate rights of the People and their representatives in Gov't. This reference has nothing to do with the deity referred to in Scripture, which has little to do with life here but everything to do with 'life' hereafter. Guess how one knows what is real scripture and what is just fluff added to man's desires, by where it directs your attention too, duh.

      It actually means Law of the Jungle, that is the biggest fastest baddest brute force or trickery camouflaged intelligence gets what it wants, period end of meat meal.

      In modern era, Jungle Law of Survival is called in courts and congress = Law of Necessity. After 1933 it is called Public Policy, not Public Law.

      So if you can not force anyone or court or gov't staff to do your will then you lose no mater how correct the black & white text you offer up. Gov't knows this and operates under executive branch funding under a military rule at least since Lincoln's War and likely Washington's shoot down of Whiskey Rebellion. Mr Keton in Dallas TX has made a decade long hobby of bringing criminal charges against those acting outside jurisdiction under color of law, guess how that's worked out for him, no wins to report just more bluffing by a fella w/o any legal claws and teeth to draw real blood and fine and jail time. Robert Fox is another prime example that knows about blood and guts spilled under Declaration of Independence today.

      I'd suggest those not yet torn up and depleted by current times or past legal failures study up on private trusts, foundations and use of W8BEN. They may still stick ya in jail but not take from your family stuff that ain't yours or theirs.

      I've like quarter million fake debt money liens and judgements against 'ME ME' over last 20 yr, IRS to credit banks, their continuing legal notices only indicate to me that their printers still working, nothing else. ...

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