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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Everybody Send the Frog Farmer Some Gold! :-)

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  • Frog Farmer
    Balsaman wrote me off-list for good reasons... A man of few words, I suppose he wants me to comment upon these few lines he returned to me from the post that
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 25, 2011
      Balsaman wrote me off-list for good reasons...

      A man of few words, I suppose he wants me to comment upon these few
      lines he returned to me from the post that was entitled "Everybody Send
      the Frog Farmer Some Gold! :-)" which was not a title I ever devised,
      but was most likely put there by Barry himself for some other reason
      (probably because I did give him permission to edit my post for content
      and brevity if he felt it was necessary). I do not have enough time to
      sell for gold from more than the few people it would take to use up all
      my remaining quality time! So while this thought may have been meant as
      other than a joke, it is impossible to work out because I already have
      most of my time filled already! Sorry folks, first come first served
      and there's only room for a few left (right now...).

      Here are the lines that Balsaman would like to see addressed:

      > ...
      > "that HJR192 has been repealed so it is void and of no effect "
      > This is not correct only in part; appears the research has not bee
      > followed through

      Oh! Please do correct my mistake! I hope you saw the file that was
      posted in the list's file section regarding it. I didn't do much
      research other than seeing the repeal first hand in a hard copy of the
      Statutes At Large in a library way back around 1980. I've always been a
      student of the so-called "money issues" so it jumped right out at me
      when I saw it by chance while looking for something else. It was years
      later that I saw other articles on it, especially that one in Barry's
      archives. It covered other aspects of it that I had not considered.
      So, please explain how some believe it was not repealed.

      > Lieber Code with
      > Does anyone have a certified copy?

      I don't know. I know that it exists to be read on many websites. I
      don't think there's any controversy over there being different versions
      circulating. Do you have any such info that what we see may not be what
      it said?

      > local mechanics wages at the local Toyota dealership
      > This is not correct only in part; appears the research has not bee
      > followed through.
      > The purported mechanic in the east coast do not receive what the
      > dealers charge there customers; I can safely say from talking with
      > dealers and mechanics that they receive about 25.00 /35.00 - 45.00 an
      > hr.; as do refrigeration mechanics when working for a contractor as
      > similar to a dealer.
      > To clarify, would it not be prudent to provide an affidavit from the
      > mechanic and dealer on this subject.

      No, I was referring to when I quit working a long time ago. I don't
      mean to peg myself to Toyota wages in any way. I'm just referring to
      how it was when I quit on the west coast where at the time an ounce of
      gold was approximately ten times the hourly wage for not only Toyota
      people but also VW which I also worked on. I'm sure that in all that
      time wages have in no way kept up with inflation. You can disregard
      that attempt to put it in perspective.

      > "10% of profits generated by your use of information you received from
      > me that year"
      > Clarify; Where and how does a profit arise?

      I leave that to you and your honest evaluation. The ways profits can
      arise are too many to list. So it is whatever impinges upon your
      consciousness! If you see no profit, I would recommend that you don't
      repeat the experience. You'd be the first to report such to me.

      > how can a law suite that you are defendant in generate a profit for
      > the purported defendant in that case?

      Again, this is an almost open ended question with too many ways to list.
      It isn't a lawsuit that I was talking about generating profit. I was
      talking about information that leads one to make a profit over and above
      the gold I require. I try to make people make more from our
      relationship that it costs (or maybe even more often save them from
      losses they would otherwise incur), so they make a profit on their
      investment in me and want to do it again. I don't waste people's gold on
      speculating about the many possibilities presented in the universe,
      unless they specifically want to engage me for philosophical
      discussions. Some can afford that but most cannot! I tend to deal with
      real problems in real time.

      In case anyone thinks I'm being a "Paytriot for Profit", no; I just use
      the gold requirement to separate the serious from the merely curious and
      to keep more of my scarce valuable time to my own matters. I don't NEED
      the gold. But it does get my time and attention when I can currently
      not afford the mere enjoyment of philosophical discourse.


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