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RE: [tips_and_tricks] State Action - 14th Amendment [1 Attachment]

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... Rather than ignore him, it would best do to memorize (or better yet, record) everything that happens, and then just don t jump the gun in cooperating.
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 13, 2011
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      > Moderator/Bear: It's a little hard to ignore the cop
      > that is in the process of violating it while standing at your car
      > window, I understand.

      Rather than ignore him, it would best do to memorize (or better yet,
      record) everything that happens, and then just don't "jump the gun" in
      cooperating. If you know you have the right to time, you can take it.
      You can deal with "First Things First." Remember, 90% of convictions
      are based upon admissions and confessions made. Most people LOVE to
      make them! Most people don't realize when or how they are making them.
      They learn that later in court. It pays to take time to prepare for
      eventualities. My local people know that I have an ever-growing agenda
      that begins in the Initial Moment Of Confrontation (IMOC) (sounds like
      "I mock!". They know my agenda is fully authorized by law and that I
      can force it to occur step by step if necessary. They know it usually
      results in job disqualifications and re-evaluations and replacements and
      changes in the local system and so they leave me alone. I'm not
      economically viable as a victim. It would cause more political problems
      to bother me than it does leaving me alone.

      When you could care less if the pizza on the back seat gets cold, and
      you have a plan to see who got the job of being the on-duty magistrate
      at this ungodly hour when this armed goon here can't see the wisdom of
      your arguments, and you know that giving bail or a signature grants
      jurisdiction, you might get kicked out of jail without any signature
      necessary like my next friend has done several times.

      The games are over. Anything you think is real involving government
      employees will prove to be fake upon inspection. But if you don;'t
      inspect, and discover the lie, your acting like it is real locks you
      into the consequences and then it is all deemed real by the Peanut
      Gallery and The Record. So, make the right kind of record from IMOC on,
      and MOCK ON!


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