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Re: [tips_and_tricks] W-4/What works?

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... Just to be clear, copper-nickel-zinc slugs are tokens and not really coinage and also merely discharge debts, they do not pay (extinguish forever)
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 29, 2003
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      Darryl B. McDowell wrote:

      > So, just to be clear, you are paid in common American coinage or Gold
      > and silver coinage? (Doesn't that get kind of heavy to carry around? :)

      Just to be clear, copper-nickel-zinc slugs are "tokens" and
      not really "coinage" and also merely discharge debts, they
      do not "pay" (extinguish forever) debts. Still, I'll take
      clad tokens if the deal is a small one, because I can use
      them in the slots at the Indian reservation casinos.

      I use mostly silver, although this year I've worked for
      quite a few (about 60) pounds of exotic metals.

      I traded all my gold coins for silver the day Bush-I invaded
      Iraq years ago. I kept all my nuggets and veined ore.

      As far as being heavy to carry around, I don't carry more
      than a few ounces around all the time, and that's not too heavy.

      Personally, I don't like to let my total "stash" become
      heavier than I can carry with other necessary items in my
      backpack. When it gets too big, I trade some off for

      For the past few years, what with getting ripped off and
      screwed by "paytriots", having too much metal hasn't been a
      problem, but this year, with that 60 pounds added, it got me
      thinking of trading some more off, as soon as I come across
      something I need. I'm pretty well stocked up right now. Oh,
      last year I traded for a whole pallette of Kingsford
      charcoal briquettes. I'll trade for anything I need.

      Right now I'm trying to handle all my expenses with the
      output from my petrified wood mine and using my "system" on
      the nickel slot machines at the Indian casinos.

      Relation to going to court: I don't let anyone else but me
      and the person I'm trading with put a valuation on my trade
      goods, and no one can force us to convert either side of the
      trade to "dollars" - we are free to use any medium we desire
      since the repeal of HJR 192. Nobody from the government can
      do it, because they are not competent to evaluate anything
      in an imaginary, elastic medium of debt. To do that takes
      an agreement between two or more people, and I won't agree.
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