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Lessons to be Learned From Rejected Post

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  • Legalbear
    1. What is a Socratic question is up to me. I m the final judge of that. 2. I am also the final judge on how many typos and misspellings I ll let
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      1.      What is a Socratic question is up to me. I'm the final judge of that.

      2.      I am also the final judge on how many typos and misspellings I'll let through.

      3.      When I approve your post please take notice that I have done so.

      4.      If you take issue with a post, do not attack the poster while taking issue. Attack the argument or authority; do not attack the poster.

      5.      You have my permission to attack the poster off the group. Send them an email privately and rail away. Not the best way of making friends and influencing people; and, probably not the best way to win them to your way of thinking, but, maybe that is not the point of attacking them. Maybe the point is just to make them feel like crap. At any rate, I’m not going to let you do that on my group. My group is not an arena for a fight; and, I’m not a referee.

      6.      Also, I have a rule against talking down to and belittling other members. I have banned people from the group for comments like:


      "he is  dreaming or high, clueless at best”


      "This is garbage of the stupidest kind, … that idea is ridiculous."


      If I let them through, the fight will be on, and other people will get a negative feeling about the group. I don't have a problem with you attacking a group member off the group; have at it. If anything positive came out of your private fight, you could always post that to the group.


      Comments on how I run the group that hurt MY feelings count as well. Bear Tips & Tricks

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