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2 sets of Books for govt...what they show when they whine for funds...and what they keep hidden

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  • dave
    Folks, Please take time to open the link below from the e-mail forwarded by Walter Burien (CAFR1). The information located within the link and the many other
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      Please take time to open the link below from the e-mail forwarded by Walter Burien (CAFR1).


      The information located within the link and the many other links and videos there should have

      the HAIR on your HEAD STANDING UP and on the BACK OF YOUR NECK.


      Consider this quote:


      "In case you don’t know, President Eisenhower by Executive Order mandated that all of the various units of government keep a (2nd) set of books now known as the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report = CAFR.  These funds are so powerful that China forbids them to invest in China because U.S. governmental units could then distort China’s internal markets if these CAFR funds had access."

      Consider the following:

      1.    FLORIDA & All States have CAFRs (as do all cities, counties, school districts, water districts, the Fed, etc.) & CAFR's show the "true" financial condition of cities, counties, states, etc.  The truth is not what is sold to the public (no surprise, right?!).  Forget Deficits & Budgets.  The truth lies in the CAFRs.

      2.    All combined, 85,000 city, county, state, federal govt, etc. have a total of $100 TRILLION IN ASSETS & INVESTMENTS as of 2010. - (Walter Burien, CAFR Investigator).

      3.        Go here for the STATE OF FLORIDA CAFRs, see lower left column, most recent being 2009 as CAFRs are published at the END of a year vs. the beginning, so 2010's CAFR may not have been produced yet, but they have online the years 1994 thru 2009 as of this writing:

      PDF of the 2009 FLA CAFR, 263 pages:

      PDF of the 2008 FLA CAFR, 266 pages:


      The CAFR (Consolidated Annual Financial Reports) shows the true picture of FINANCIAL STABILITY

      of each STATE.  Here is the link that can be used to see ALL STATES CAFR 

      1.        Links to all States' CAFRs:

      And:  http://cafr1.com/STATES/

      Burien:  Is the Govt. Bankrupt?:


      Burien: Reply to State Run Banks:


      This is just the TIP OF THE FRAUD.  


      I have provided just a little of what you will find in the link below, of which I took out just a few of the links to help you all investigate your OWN STATE, COUNTY, CITY, SCHOOL BOARD and more. You now, with a little research, can bring forth facts that most working government may either not know or ignore.  Walter Burien has been doing research for many, many, many years and those in power don't like him and have gone out of their way to discredit him but FACTS don't LIE.


      Aren't the people supposed to be running the government, not the LIFER POLITICIANS.  PUBLIC SERVANTS means just that.  You serve the people (not PERSONS) and it isn't supposed to be a LIFETIME JOB.  This is what cause corruption and PATRONAGE is what RUINS government.  TERM LIMITS would solve a part of the problem.  The rest would be resolved by holding those who are serving office by HONESTY and INTEGRITY, not what is currently happening on ALL GOVERNMENT and has for a long time.




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      Came across this CAFR article post today. The article writer's use of treasure chests and treasure maps is priceless!
      Sent FYI from,

      Walter Burien - CAFR1

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