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Dream Act is just an Act

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  • dave
    What s There to Dream About with the Dream Act? Whenever you see a government-created label such as Military Intelligence or Voluntary compliance or
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2010
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      What’s There to Dream About with the Dream Act?


      Whenever you see a government-created label such as “Military Intelligence” or “Voluntary compliance” or “Patriot Act”, you can rest assured someone is out to fool you.


      The Dream Act is nothing more than a clever ploy to yet again fool American’s into thinking “their” government has no “real” competition—so it must be the best.


      You see American’s are PROFESSIONALS at one thing—COMPARISON shopping. If Target offers 24 hour operation, so will Walmart because Americans compare…and demand. Our government realizes this for they paraded for years the comparison of the American way of life to former Berlin-wall Soviet Communism. It worked not because American government was so good…but rather because Soviet government was so oppressive. But now with the development of Europe and the far east moving more towards freedom….and the US moving away from freedom….the lines of distinction are becoming less clear. Time to prop-up the propaganda of “the American dream”—heaven forbid if Americans start comparing and realizing “it’s an Act and they’ve been screwed”!


      Here’s the sad state of American affairs:

      ·         People who come here from Europe are amazed at the treatment by the police and federal agencies—rude and unprofessional are how they describe them.  Their comment: “I thought it a free country?”

      ·         How about ease of starting a new business? Nope….Many European countries have smartly made it “one stop shopping” with real incentives for small business. The US ranks about 15th for ease of starting a new business…behind Canada. [It fell around 1985 from 1st place to 5th…and has steadily fallen.]

      ·         How about jobs? Oh well…we won’t talk about that.

      ·         Government bloat? Become a border guard and earn $75K per year.

      ·         Cost for employers to comply with government regulation: About $8 per hour per employee.

      ·         Education? Just check out college tuition costs.

      ·         Health care? Nope.

      ·         Promise of Service Economy? Never happened…never will.

      ·         Make a Million Bucks? Guess which world city has the most millionaires….Moscow.

      ·         Machine Tooling? Nope…vanished.

      ·         Technological advantage? Nope…Many overseas professionals are sent here for education and return…we outsourced so much, that our engineering and science is following.

      ·         Fair Courts and Ease of Access? Nope….try Switzerland as #1. California prosecutors were given an F grade for justice and fairness…and the bar association set to overview them recommended action in only one complaint.

      ·         Low Taxes? Slightly lower here….but what do you get? Education worth something? Health care?


      So let’s see what the US government doesn’t want people HERE to know [everyone else knows it]:




      “Discovering the best places to live provides inspiration for travel so that we can get a glimpse of highly ranked quality of life. Here’s the top five:


      1. Iceland

      2. Norway

      3. Australia

      4. Canada

      5. Ireland


      The United States fell to 12th on the list.”



      Here’s another compilation….




      Top 10 Countries to Live and Work











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