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Re: carefully recognized and guarded in favor of the citizens of each State

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  • Michael
    ... Ahhhh, yes. The same language found in mortgage Notes... In return for a loan received... Same question...Why not the loan? Black s Law Dictionary
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 16, 2010
      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Siceloff" <siceloff@...> wrote:

      > The Seat of the Government of the United States is actually
      > a Power granted. And the legislative ability of Congress
      > is tied to it. As a sidebar, we can question "which Congress"
      > is given legislative authority, and where, because at the very
      > beginning of the Constitution, immediately after its
      > preamble, we discover that the legislative powers granted by
      > the Constitution, are vested in "a" Congress, and not "the"
      > Congress. This poses a problem only for those who demand
      > exacting legal language, in the establishment of law,...

      Ahhhh, yes. The same language found in mortgage Notes...
      "In return for "a" loan received..."

      Same question...Why not "the" loan?

      Black's Law Dictionary gives a lawful definition for each,
      and it is clear the use of each article, "a" and "the," is
      carefully intentional when used by lawyers.

      I challenged the alleged lender for my mortgage to
      explain exactly why there was reference to "a" loan and
      not "the" loan, and I further informed them that I would
      not make any mortgage payments until that was clarified.

      It was never clarified, and no payments were ever made.
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