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Wikileaks...shows State Department MAJOR 3 Strikes-Screw-ups

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  • dave
    Subject: RE: [tips_and_tricks] Wikileaks...shows State Department MAJOR 3 Strikes-Screw-ups Bob: I took a course and test on handling material and personnel
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 11, 2010

      Subject: RE: [tips_and_tricks] Wikileaks...shows State Department MAJOR 3 Strikes-Screw-ups


      Bob:  I took a course and test on handling material and personnel mandated and given by government only 4 years ago. Scored a 98% if I recall.


      Unless things have changed in 2 years…which was my last re-activation I had….I can assure you that security people made sure nothing I had was widely shared like that. Hammered down tighter than a drum lid—especially electronic documents. Gone post 911 were the good ole’ days of even treating confidential level as “ok to pass around cleared people but not too much.”


       “No need to know” was and STILL IS the controlling policy. If anything after 911 it’s FAR MORE stringent. The briefing officer told me, “It’s not like the old days. No one has a clearance for years based on maybe some need a couple times a year. No one has a clearance just past when it is ABSOLULTELY necessary for them to have it. The new policy is to deactivate….and re-activate IF they need it. If in doubt, pull it.”


      Trust me….it’s a real hassle now.  So a private gaining access someplace was a UTTER goof up of some moron handing out the keys to his computer in trust..


      Still what you say is true….only its reported that 3 Million people have access to the SIPR network…including other nations. I think its misleading though and the tip off is ‘other nations” for that would have to exclude noforn….for example when I worked in CERTAIN other highly classified areas [now 20 years ago for certain areas] all of us had access to a search system network too—even before the internet. Sit down at the computer terminal and search all you want. We used to print out literally CARTONS of paper killing lots of trees. There were MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of documents logged into it. We used to have fun searching weird names like our own and sure-enough—up would pop a report on Country “XYZ name”  with soldier “our name” drinking the jet wing-deicer fluid because he was burned out. However….just because people had access, didn’t mean you got to read it all. All the confidential I recall and noforn and especially the S and TS were only SUMMARIZED in very brief notation…nothing of substance. If you wanted access, you could get it…but you had to establish…YEP….”NEED TO KNOW.” Otherwise it was FLAT OUT refused. I doubt its changed that much.


      Thus I suspect the PFC was some place where he should not have been….on a secure computer he should not have been…said computer or log in of someone else, etc.


      You can rest assured things WILL change now.


      One more comment: As of 4 years ago….I was completely IMPRESSED with the PROFESSIONALISM of those government people who doll-out the clearances and protect said information. They were SMART, well trained, COURTEOUS, etc. These guys take their business of protecting information seriously…very seriously. There were NO hassles with filling out their forms and add all the attachments you want to clarify anything—including the law. One guy told me, “We are trained to look for the truth. We accept the truth because the truth means you can’t be blackmailed. We don’t care about your belief’s….we don’t care about your exploits….all we care about is one thing, ‘Are you going to honor the commitment to safeguard the information we entrust to you. That’s it.”  These people—like most in the military—were a REFRESHING view of government workers.











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