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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Re: why only crash Jp Morgan???

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... I would never leave it to the mail! Besides, it raises other issues one doesn t need to raise. And it s more fun in person! ... A Writ would be my answer
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 23, 2010
      Michael wrote:

      > Agree, and I have done what I can to fight
      > in the Ilinois court system. I "lost" a
      > case contesting a "fine" in both court and
      > in appeals. I lost in appeals because the
      > court claimed my appeal was untimely filed,
      > by mail.

      I would never leave it to the mail! Besides, it raises other issues one
      doesn't need to raise. And it's more fun in person!

      > The mail date is to be used, and not the date
      > of receipt, which the appeallate court ignored,
      > and refused my reconsideration.

      A Writ would be my answer to that.

      > They saw my issue,
      > contesting what can be demanded in an assesed fine,
      > and the fact that both the assistant states
      > attorney and the appellate state attorney BOTH
      > stated incorrectly what they thought a "dollar"
      > is.

      What was it in their minds? Did they concur or have separate deviations
      from reality?

      > My cost was intial court fee. Their cost?
      > Three times in civil court and a almost a
      > year in appeals, much more than my cost,

      I tell everyone that we are the backbone of the economy, giving so many
      people busy work to do and enabling the endorsement of so many weekly

      > and to date, the threat of suspending my
      > driver's license has not occurred, nor has
      > there been any further demand that I pay
      > the judgment against me.

      They need to call in a literate one to write any such order for you, as
      they know you will pick it apart. The circuit riding dude or dudette on
      duty probably will try to work you in to the schedule later on if other
      work falls off.

      > > The word "dollar" is a legal term with a
      > > lawful definition, but most people can be
      > > persuaded to ignore that fact (to their own detriment).
      > Interesting.

      Yeah, go figure!

      > I have demanded proof of what it
      > is, but not in terms of demanding the strict
      > legal term and lawful definition, making it
      > a tighter demand.

      They can't give legal advice here, and why ask them? Why not just go by
      what it always was and still is?

      > If you have more to add about how to use more
      > money issues in court, I, and certainly others,
      > can benefit.

      Read everything by Edwin Vieira and Merrill Jenkins.

      Then we'll discuss it.

      > Cheers, my good man.

      Yes, hard to believe in these times but it is possible...

      > Still fighting the fight and buying silver.

      Most excellent!!


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