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  • Tucson & Peru
    I got a letter from the IRS that I have never seen before called Letter 2797 (CG) (Rev. 05-2005). In it it is asking for my assistance in updating their
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 20, 2010
      I got a letter from the IRS that I have never seen before called
      Letter 2797 (CG) (Rev. 05-2005).

      In it it is asking for "my assistance in updating" their records.
      Asking for me to "fill in the address information requested."

      The thing is that not even the job I am currently in has this
      address! I have a commercial driving license in Nevada, currently
      staying in Sparks, but the license has never been updated from my
      sister's address in Las Vegas where I stayed for several months in
      2009. I have not filed a return since 1996 and have been off the grid
      from 2003-2009. I took a little part-time job, because all of my
      other options were eliminated when the economy rolled over. It seems
      like the power company or my sister may be the cause of the IRS
      finding this address. I have been very careful about protecting my
      information until I can get back into a situation where I am not
      filling out a W-4.

      Has anyone ever received one of these letters? I would like to
      consider possible responses that any of you may have used before going
      with the one I have planned, which is basically to return the letter
      since I am not the ALL-CAPS entity they are writing to.


      Tim Kiley
    • Larry Milby
      I have seen this request many times for myself and others. They are on a fishing trip, so it is your duty not to let them catch anything. You will return
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 21, 2010
        I have seen this request many times for myself and others. They are on a fishing trip, so it is your duty not to let them catch anything. You will return it of course, but before returning it get all the information you can about who sent you the letter. Today there are many Independent Contractors working for the IRS as "Small Business / Self Employed entities. They work on a commission. If you think it is expensive for Doctor Liability insurance think about IRS agents today. So The IRS laid off many agents and subcontracted must of their dirty work out.

        Check both the envelope return address and the letter "sender" address. Look for the words Small Business or Self Employed or both in their heading or return address. If this is the case then this letter is not from the True IRS. Pay close attention to the address wording. If the word Commissioner is used, ask yourself "Commissioner of What." Look at the City and State on the return address. If you are like most Americans, there is an IRS branch office within 50 miles of you. The letter should have come from that office, not a pretended IRS office half way across the USA. The main IRS office is still in Washington DC, the office of the Commissioner.

        There is a bounty offered today to those who turn others in to the private contractors so beware. By now you should have determined who the letter is from. If from the IRS then there is some need for concern. There is less concern if it is from a Small Business (fake IRS). Regardless the letter is bait and you are the fish.

        Your real problem is not with either of these entities, it is with the Post Office. Every Freedom Of Information Act request I have filed for anyone always has information provided by your local Post Office. Since 9/11 it has become harder to use the US mail without giving up some private information about us. Only a "resident" can receive mail today or have a PO Box. Still with the Post Office putting your private info out to whoever to be seen by the homeland security haze of today, someone will spot you if they are looking for you.

        Now here is what I would do today, tomorrow what I might do could change. If a private Business, I would place the letter inside another envelope and return it with some other "Name" on your return address. With this return, I would place a line or two, stating that you opened this by mistake. The person on the address does not live here, I have never heard of them. Sorry for opening the letter. Don't sign it; just use type written first name but not your own. Mail this letter, and do not put "IRS" or any words such as "Commissioner" on the mailing address. These Small Businesses want easy pickings....

        If it is from the real IRS, you must go on the defensive, but without letting them catch any fish. Seal the letter back up with tape so the Mail Clerk cannot or will not reopen it. Take it to your local Post Office, or if rural give it to your carrier. Tell them I opened this by mistake. It is clearly not me this letter was intended for. I am not the only John Doe and they must have gotten by address and gave it a try to see if I was the one they are looking for. Tell the Clerk to return this letter and make sure they understand I am not the John Doe they are looking for. That the John Doe they want does not reside or receive mail at this address. Thank the Clerk and move on.

        That is about the best you can do with this letter. Now you will do a wait and see....If more letters come, regardless if from the Small Business or the Real IRS you have up front told the Post Office Clerk you are not the John Doe so you now can refuse the mail. If it is the real IRS they will notify the Post Office and see if the social security numbers, etc. match you. The Post Office will give them all of this information without warrant or cause. Then you will start getting registered mail and the Post Office will complete a little betrayal letter on you and why you did not except the mail.

        I would never write on envelops "refused for cause" or any such garble even if you have good cause to do so. It is just a RED flag that you are their man.

        What I have advised you to do and what I would do are totally different. I take them to Court in a heartbeat. Before any notices of liens or levy, etc. is sent out. Soon as they claim I owe this or that, I take them to court and do so for all I help in this area. I prefer to fight and I win every time and I don't use the first bit of patriot crap.........even if it is true...it serves no purpose in court....Hope this is help full........

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        From: Tucson & Peru

        I got a letter from the IRS that I have never seen before called
        etter 2797 (CG) (Rev. 05-2005).
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