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RE: [tips_and_tricks] A Reliable Strategy for a Pro Se to prevail

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  • Frog Farmer
    law_self_help posted: A Reliable Strategy for a Pro Se to prevail ... This is SO TRUE!! And the misconduct is always there too. Remember, I ve said to look
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 23, 2010
      law_self_help posted: A Reliable Strategy for a Pro Se to prevail
      > Although it would be nice to
      > get a ruling in your favor based on the substance: facts and the law
      > you can't really depend on such an outcome. You need to prevail
      > reliably by means of breaking the opposing side's will and/or the
      > ability to fight(whoever/whatever they may be). That is accomplished
      > by driving up their legal costs(while Pro Se incurs none) to the
      > levels they either cannot afford to pay or are unwilling to pay.

      ... <snip>

      > The bottom line is that the Cost Imposition
      > and Misconduct Capitalizing strategy delivers every time,
      > it may sound paradoxical and extreme but facts and the law are
      > almost irrelevant compared to Cost and Misconduct. Yes you need to
      > argue the facts and the law to stay in the game, sometimes you can
      > even win, but it's the Cost and Misconduct that will deliver.

      This is SO TRUE!! And the misconduct is always there too. Remember,
      I've said to look at your file every Friday? If they tell you it's "not
      available" then even THAT is useful information (why isn't it
      available??). When it IS available (get an appointment!) look for
      unauthorized changes, like to the docket sheet ("That isn't the right
      order of events!!"), to the papers you filed (are pages now missing??)
      to anything else, like notations they might make for themselves figuring
      you'd never see them. You never know what you'll find if you are the
      kind of person who can spot things hidden in a plain-sight background.

      Yes, people wait for others to lead, but an effective force can be had
      by just fighting on, even with little hope of winning the case, costing
      as much as you can, causing as many defections as you can. Think of it
      as helping to provide local jobs! That money may even trickle down to
      you! Meanwhile you increase the overall load on the breaking down

      I've been warned that calling yourself "pro se" can have negative
      effects, while "pro per" is a safer classification without so many
      ramifications in tow.

      I also had some costs associated with my cases, and they amounted to
      more than the costs I would have incurred with initial voluntary
      compliance on my part. For example, to get a $14 license from me, they
      spent well over $5000 1983FRNs while my costs on that case were $128 (in
      rolls of quarters), but that includes three years of fighting and an
      appeal. I won; I never got the license again. That was 1983. The
      license cost has since risen. I won not only THAT case but precluded the
      rest of them that might have followed it each year but for the stinging
      experience and the local records made! All the time I've ever spent
      fighting in court has been worth it in the end.

      George Gordon said, "If you're not having fun, you're not doing it

      Keep up the good fight! We are winning, since reality beats illusion
      every time.


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