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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Demand that knowledge group members teach us what we want to know...

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  • stonekutteral
    OK Bear, I think you have let Frog Farmer make the point, about lawfulzone proving his/her own ignorance, and of course you can let them ignore the posting
    Message 1 of 26 , Oct 15, 2010
      OK Bear, I think you have let Frog Farmer make the point, about lawfulzone proving his/her own ignorance, and of course you can let them ignore the posting rules on socratic questions etc…. but can we please move on now- lawfulzone has shown they do not read and or comprehend the law, not even the constitution for crying out loud, and is contributing nothing but low quality entertainment, and whether or not Frog Farmer lives in Mayberry or is an Amish farmer with 3000 pounds of metal in a horse drawn carriage -instead of spending time slinging mud -take what of his advice that  still works, do first things first, and YOU have to figure out and comprehend what your situation is and what to do and how to do every step in order, and if the cops, or the jailers, or the judges "make" you do something different, then you still take note of what happened and go to plan B and do the next thing….. if you don't have a plan B because you haven't been thinking or if you took someone's "advice" instead of learning and comprehending what to do yourself, then you are going to get squashed in a courtroom, just like if you try to go walking on a highway and you are not in "3000" pounds of metal. then you are going to get squashed  on the pavement, and all the kings horses and all the kings men are not going to put you back together again….. "they" say an old gravestone reads,   "Here lies poor old William Leigh, who died disputing the right of way. He was Right , dead Right, as he sped along, but he's just as dead , as if he were wrong!"    Fact is, Frog Framer and Bear are not going to be around to hold your hand when the spit hits the fan, and if you don't know the law  AS IT APPLIES TO YOU IN YOUR SITUATION , then you are going to be shark food if you are swimming with lawyers who are out to get you. The constitution itself is not much longer than this thread, and personally I think I will re- read it rather than more on this….doesn't a book say  somewhere in it " My people perish for want of knowledge!!"……. better study up or lay down in the gutter and give up, but I could have looked up about twenty state laws in the time it took me to write this…  better off doing that than writing, and you all could be studying too…!!! Survival of the fittest is in operation here,or something very like it, and when you get gobbled up by the bad monsters, and are nothing but a few scraps of meat hanging from their teeth,... whining that you didn't know, or didn't understand, won't make any difference… baby gazelles, slow gazelles, and lone cape buffalo all get eaten by lions….and if you are getting chased by lions are you actually going to stop and ask for directions, or head for the exit sign (read the laws)? cheers!!! !!!  Al 
      On Oct 14, 2010, at 4:58 PM, Frog Farmer wrote:

      > > Do you recognize that a constitution trumps a conflicting statute?
      > And this is true because you say so or do you have evidence to provide
      > that proves your statement is true?

      That you need confirmation from me is ample proof of the reason I no
      longer need to take you seriously.

      > >Driving is a commercial activity.
      > Prove it?

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