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The Termite approach

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  • dave
    Saw this on the internet.. around.. THE TERMITE APPROACH TO LOSS OF FREEDOM There is a methodology for removing the liberty of a man-it is gradual and
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      Saw this on the internet….






      There is a methodology for removing the liberty of a man—it is gradual and deliberate. Some have quite accurately labeled this : “The termite approach.” To be Clear: To the people who ASSUME power, when you acquiesce to their assumption, the message taken is: ‘He will accept more usurpation. Let’s find out how much we can steal this time.”


      Let’s identify how this happens:


      GROUP CONSENT REPLACES INDIVIDUAL CONSENT: The key aspect is the replacement of INDIVIDUAL consent to government….. with implied group and historical consent to government. In year 1776 “individual” was so well linked to liberty, that the word wasn’t included with ‘consent’ in the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 . Today….Ask a politician why a repressive law is the way it is and the answer will come back: “It was passed years ago. It’s just consent of the governed!” This is a barrel thrown in the water to deflect you from thinking. THINK: How many laws get passed in your lifetime that you know little or nothing about? Do you think this was ANY different in your parents or grandparent’s days? Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Trust me….they were as horrified as you are today but with one key difference—they were horrified with the laws you’ve come to accept. For example, the numbering of people was so horrific as to make government include on its Social Security Cards as a condition for issuance: NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES. Now was the concern ID theft as distracted in today’s world? Nope!! It was the now fulfilled fear of government numbering of people into identification such as “TAXPAYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER.” [Free people are not identified by government numbers….just say no]


      THE REPLACEMENT OF UNWRITTEN LAWS…. WITH WRITTEN LAWS…the latter  INTENDED FOR GOVERNMENT: The heritage of a free people IS the English common law—an unwritten law. You can trace the words in the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776  to grievances directly to the King of England—who was replacing the unwritten common law with his written law. The grievances became so great that a Declaration of Cause to Take Up Arms was drafted exactly one year before the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 . In 1776….Did you know that America had a population of mom-and-pop’s so schooled in the law, that it was readily acknowledge by even those in the King’s court? These people KNEW how to read. Think about that: The replacing of unwritten law with written law was so great as to cause one to take up his gun and fight. What were the words “Chain them with the [written] Constitution” meant to imply if the words “people” aren’t mentioned? Of course little did those people know how 34 lawyers could draft such a snake-oil document in total secrecy to all but strip away everything gained in the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 .  A FREE people realize that WRITTEN LAWS are intended for government….alone.


      DUMBING DOWN AMERICA: As I pointed out, America was a land of educated smart people. If they weren’t smart, at least the frontier made them critical thinkers. This has all but been eradicated. Instead of accepting self-evident truth, we’ve come to accept ANOTHER’s truth as reality. And who are the “Another’s” and what is THEIR truth? Why of course…..those of the politicians….the officer’s of the law…..the officer’s of the court. When the law becomes the exclusive realm of these people, you can rest assured it won’t be in your interest. You need no more proof of this law for government than one of its courts. Take a visit and sometime try to even READ the law into evidence. Won’t happen! Even the jury’s are instructed to “judge the facts alone upon the law as given to them.”


      ACCEPTANCE OF ENSLAVERS: We fall for the banner of “you need us”. How many would tolerate what is done to us on a routine basis by OUR employees….if it was an employee of Walmart? Those in power have ERADICATED the various COMPARISONS of freedom so we see no evidence of something better. Without Kmart or Target to compare to Walmart, Walmart policy would become accepted as truth. In other words, eliminate the competition for freedom and one ends up with a repressive regime. 50 states were intended to be 50 nation states…each with its own constitution…so as to insure competition amongst them for your freedom. Do you see this? Nope. You see a UNIFORM front…and the elimination of competition for your freedom…postulated incredibly by the “government of small enumerated powers.” . Once the repression begins, people grow to accept their enslavers without even thinking. Remember the phrase “question authority”? It’s been made to appear wrong and people are severely punished for same…yet this is the SOLE methodology for keeping you free.


      An educate population questioning EVERY nuisance…however subtle….however small an encroachment on freedom….will keep people free and cause a new generation of critical thinkers. Let me get you started with some questions that are KEY to how you lost some liberty:

      ·         Why do you have to fill out government forms….when government does not reciprocate to you?

      ·         Why does government call an SSN “your ID”….when the number is THEIR property?

      ·         Why are you issued a Social Security Number….yet somehow it is converted by government into a “Taxpayer Identification Number”? If the numbers are the same, why the two names?

      ·         Come to think of it…..why is a one word “Taxpayer” defined in law as someone already LIABLE for a tax? Isn’t liability something government must prove?

      ·         Aren’t there two people on contracts? Why do you have to sign a form for government when government doesn’t? [Example…bank signature cards ARE government forms…..w4 are government forms….I9 are government forms…..W3 forms]

      ·         Gee wiz….the mortgage people must disclose. Why isn’t there DISCLOSURE on these forms with ATTACHMENTS telling you what you are giving up when you swear on their forms?

      ·         Why are the forms only “the non truth, the half truth and anything but the whole truth?”

      ·         Exactly why is the term “US CITIZEN” defined in law as “and under the Jurisdiction of” government’s employees? [Ditto US PERSON] Why do you sign on every voter registration form and jury duty questionnaire to this under penalty of perjury?

      ·         If it is YOUR truth, why can’t you clarify before swear-signing? Why the limitation?

      ·         Why do you have to sign “under penalty of perjury”, when government doesn’t sign anything for you that way.

      ·         Why do you have to sign a 1040 under penalty of perjury when it states things can be used against you?

      ·         If the sole purpose of government is your protection and rights, yet the courts have ruled they have no obligation to protect you, then why must you honor them with a tribute on a contract of citizenship with no reciprocal?

      ·         Why must you show ID when YOU are their boss? Why do you even need ID if you are the boss?

      ·         Why do you go to jail for infractions of THEIR written law, yet THEY DON’T…and that written law is for them?

      ·         Why do you have to APPLY to get money back from withholding….when it is YOUR money to begin with?


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