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Florida Jury Duty Summons Flaws

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  • randyconn
    I sent this in response to a silly document mailed to me: September 5, 2010 OSCEOLA COUNTY JURY SERVICES Sent to +1 407 xxx xxxx via email to fax Dear Staff: I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2010
      I sent this in response to a silly document mailed to me:

      September 5, 2010
      Sent to +1 407 xxx xxxx via email to fax

      Dear Staff:
      I am currently on the other side of the planet from Florida. Recently a relative
      that checks my postal mail scanned and emailed to me a document that refers to
      jury matters. On the side visible to the Post Office and any recipients, it says
      "PLEASE READ CAREFULLY." I have just done so and
      ● I cannot find the signature of a judicial officer anywhere on the document.
      Without knowing the name of a judge, there is no way to investigate
      whether or not the judge has an oath of office properly filed pursuant to FS
      876.05. How does a piece of paper absent a signature have any legal or
      commercial significance?
      ● In spite of the fact that members of the Judiciary are allowed to use the
      state seal for official business1, the document fails to contain the state seal.
      ● I also note that one section says "TO THE STATE OF FLORIDA: Your name
      has been randomly selected for jury service." It has been been many years
      since I have studied English grammar, but it appears that this document is
      asking the STATE OF FLORIDA to appear for jury service. I deny being
      THE STATE OF FLORIDA, and I cannot find "Randy Conn" anywhere
      in the legal language of the document as the one being summoned.

      Because of the document's failure on the above points, it leads me to conclude it
      is a bogus/counterfeit document that fails to duly summon any natural person.

      Let's suppose the jury document did not have the failings described above. In
      that case, I would submit the following airline boarding passes, and state that I
      cannot afford the $2,592 cost of a one way ticket from Arusha, Tanzania to
      Orlando in order to visit the Osceola County Courthouse on 13 September 2010,
      and so will not be appearing on that date.

      Randy Conn

      1<http://fcn.state.fl.us/dms/tools/standards/resources/seal_rules.html> Florida Administrative Code
      â€" 1-2.0021-Use of the Seal of the State of Florida
      (7) Government Agencies. Subject to the requirements of Rule 1-2.0021(4), FAC., the following
      governmental entities and authorized staff members may use and display the Great Seal in
      connection with official business without application to the Department : members of the Legislature;
      members of the Judiciary; and any governmental agency, including state, county, municipal, district
      or other separate unit of government created or established by law when specific written approval for
      use of the Seal has been granted by the agency's head.

      Does anyone have any suggestions for following up? In years past, they wrote me back on letterhead without the state seal (I could have typed it in Word:) ) and assured me that it wasn't bogus and that it was in accordance with the statutes in Chapter 40.  I wrote them back and said Chapter 40 doesn't have an enacting clause.
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