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RE: [tips_and_tricks] I need help resolving an IRS issue. Last minute question.

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... They ? In California?? You must be new to this list. Welcome! For you and other newcomers, it might be news that nobody in California decided to commit
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      Wilson Montgomery presumes:

      > Since I have to return my completed tax returns for the 2007 year
      > (reflecting zero income) to the State Of California Filing Enforcement
      > Section Franchise Tax Board in Sacramento California (per their
      > request, since they are the one that wrote to me with the August 6th
      > deadline for my 2007 tax returns),

      "They"? In California?? You must be new to this list. Welcome!

      For you and other newcomers, it might be news that nobody in California
      decided to commit as needed and fulfill the prerequisites for acting in
      any official capacity under the requirements mandated by the state's own
      constitution. It's been years since anyone wanted to be the only one to
      stick their neck out and buck the herd mentality and take personal
      responsibility. Most paycheck-anticipating public employees are honest
      but merely ignorant, having never actually read and understood the very
      constitution they believe they've sworn to uphold. If they actually
      read it they'd understand their own inability to act upon anyone other
      than gullible na�ve believers who themselves cannot be bothered to read
      it and act as though it carried any weight.

      > I am not sure which form(s) I
      > should send them, as they did not specify what tax form(s) they
      > actually want.

      Admissions and confessions are often left to the creative minds of the
      victims of predatory agencies and power-hungry types. They'll be happy
      to use anything against you that you choose to give them!

      > My tax preparer gave me a completed form 540 to send
      > them, yet he also prepared form 1040.

      You are blessed with educated and capable people where you are located,
      but I cannot find ONE accountant capable of correctly accounting for the
      monetary items I carry in my pocket that I received in trade for my own
      time and attention and labor and other substance I trade from time to
      time. Which of the two monetary systems created to operate
      simultaneously by congress did you choose to use? Did your professional
      assistant go over the differences and advantages of each one with you
      before you made your choice of which one to use? Why did he choose to
      use an expired form for you?

      > Yet I am thinking I should just
      > send both to the state of California. Please review and advise. Thank
      > you.

      We cannot give legal advice here. But we can advise that one read and
      understand the laws that affect them, beginning with the constitutions
      and actual statutes that govern ones activities. One may disregard
      those laws which only deal with the activities of others that one does
      not partake in. For example, I do not even read the laws dealing with
      disposal of nuclear wastes because I do not produce nuclear wastes.

      Do you waive rights voluntarily or are you being blackmailed the way
      most legislators are?


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