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Obama and residency in the CON of 1787

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    *CORRECTION - I inadvertently typed Eduardo Rivera instead of Edwin Rivera in the original version of this message. *
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 18, 2010
      *CORRECTION - I inadvertently typed Eduardo Rivera instead of Edwin Rivera
      in the original version of this message. *

      On Sun, Jul 18, 2010 at 4:09 PM, BOB GREGORY <rhgusn@...> wrote:

      > *
      > You have at least parroted, if not plagiarized, Edwin Rivera in what you
      > have written.
      > Washington was born in Virginia in 1732 and lived in the colonies until the
      > time of the Declaration of Independence and then until adoption of the
      > Articles of Confederation. Therefore, Washington had been a resident of the
      > United States for as long as the union had existed. No one could have
      > technically qualified for the 14 year residency until July 4, 1790 unless
      > residency in the predecessor colonies was considered to count. Who knows
      > why the 14 year period was specified? Maybe the drafters of the
      > Constitution thought it would take that long before it would be ratified and
      > the country would be ready for a presidential election. When they were
      > ready earlier, they probably didn't think it was a big deal because they
      > knew that Washington was as qualified as anyone could be and just didn't
      > worry about it. Their only alternative would have been to defer
      > inauguration until July 1790.
      > Trying to make a big deal about a difference in the President and the
      > Office of the President is pretty dumb. Office is defined as "a position of
      > authority, duty, or trust given to a person, as in a government or
      > corporation." President is the name of one such office. You elect a
      > president and he "takes office" once he is sworn in. Article II says,
      > "Before he enter on the Execution of his Office he (the president) shall
      > take the following Oath..."
      > Do you know, or does anyone know WHY Washington whispered his oath? Did he
      > have a sore throat? Was he in such awe of the responsibility and of taking
      > a solemn oath in the Name of G-d that he felt it was a deeply personal
      > matter and not for public utterance? Why did you say "now we know" why he
      > whispered the oath? I, for one, certainly don't know and can't confidently
      > infer the reason from what you have written.
      > Do you also look for goblins under your bed?
      > ==================================================*

      >> Be careful on the residency issue….
      >> Read the words in the document very carefully making no assumptions. Look
      >> at the various presidents. Always remember 34 lawyers wrote this document
      >> very skilled in the English language. Always remember 34 lawyers wrote same
      >> in near total secrecy. Further still remember that they had plenty of
      >> reviewers…count em’…34 lawyers!!...and plenty of time to review.
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