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Judges are Creating Secret Courts.

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  • Jerry Stanton
    I did not write this letter. Would have been proud to have though. This letter should be rewritten for every state in the union. Pray some one rewrites it for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2010
    I did not write this letter. Would have been proud to have though.
    This letter should be rewritten for every state in the union.
    Pray some one rewrites it for Michigan and all the states and sends it back to me so I can send it to your different representatives.
                Jerry James Stanton

    Subject: [SuperLiberty] Judges are Creating Secret Courts in Iowa

    Forwarded, With Love for Our Father in Heaven, Yahweh; His Son, Yahshua, our Savior; and The Holy Spirit of Truth. 


    Subject: [SuperLiberty] Judges are Creating Secret Courts in Iowa
    To: superliberty-list@...

    Dear Iowa House and State Senate Members,

      I am shocked that I have to write a letter to my House Of Representatives and Senators because of a gross violation of our sacred Iowa State Constitution and the people's rights.

      I have attached the Administrative Order written by Bobbi M. Alpers, Chief Judge of the Seventh Judicial District Court of Iowa for your review.

      This is rather new and may be occurring in other District Courts as well, so this may be the first time you have heard of this. But I am asking you to review this and help put an end to this type of actions.

      First and foremost, this Administrative order acts as if it is written law and places restrictions on the private citizens who enter their own courthouses without following due process of law.  Judges have no power vested in them by the Iowa State Constitution to write this type of law.  In fact the legislative authority of this State is vested in the General Assembly of both the House and the Senate as per Article III Legislative Department Section 1 of the Iowa State Constitution *.

     Secondly, this Administrative Order presumes that private citizens entering their Public Courthouses have malicious intent and assumes guilt before any trial and conviction of each individual citizen, thus violating every single private citizen's rights to Due Process of the law as per Article I Sections 9 and 10 *.

     Thirdly, The ban law(order)is not uniform in nature as required by Article I section 6 *.  This Administrative Order seeks to create a protected class of citizens who are exempt from this ban because they either work for the courts, practice law or are contracted with the courts, leaving the restriction only upon the private citizens, for which the courts are supposed to be working.  The courts have become self serving rather than public servants as this order shows us.

      Fourthly, the courts are a public place for citizens to handle disputes and infringements of their Life, Liberties and Property, not a private venue of the State.  Secret government operations open the door to corruption and malfeasance which we cannot allow.  It is also a violation of the people's rights to liberty of speech and the press as per Article I section 7 *.  The ability of private citizens to record the proceedings of the courts and actions and behaviors of their public servants in any branch serves as a great deterrent to gross abuse of powers within our government system.  This right and political power is expressed in Article I section 2 * which specifically states that all political power is inherent in the people.  Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people, and they have the right, at all times, to alter or reform the same, whenever the public good may require it.   I see no good in creating
     secret courts and procedures.

      Finally, any private citizen who is a defendant in any case within this secret courthouse has no way to protect their right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury and hold the courts accountable to any court rules or procedures for that matter because it would simply be his/her word against the judge without any other recorded evidence.  The defendant's rights to a public trial are in place to keep the judicial system honest and open as a measure to protect the private citizens from overzealous government. Modern technology has given rise to more transparency and accountability in government and we should be embracing not banning such advancements.

      I hope that this will be addressed and you will remind the judicial branch of their restrictions under the law.  If any Judge wishes to violate the State Constitution and the citizen's protected rights, it is not only a power, but the duty of the General Assembly to enact Impeachment procedures as per Article III section 19 and 20 of the Iowa State Constitution *.  My hopes is that this can be resolved without impeachment through open communication between the legislative and judicial branch of our State government.  Plus, this order leaves court employees open for legal action initiated by private citizens.  We can avoid this trouble by simply removing the Administrative Order and no longer trespassing on the very rights our government is supposed to be protecting.

    Thank you for your service to your fellow Iowans.

    For Liberty,
    Michael D. Elliott

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