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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Case law: "Redemption", "Strawman", etc.

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... I m also a scientist. HJR192 was repealed long ago before many people were born. Does anyone but a few here know the effect of repeal?? Why are all the
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 3, 2010
      > I believe that many of
      > us are at war, HJR192 declares that, though I think the real war is
      > within ourselves, As it advises in Desiderata; I do try to walk in
      > peace amongst the noise and haste. As such I don't see myself as a
      > soldier of truth and justice, though as a scientist to gain knowledge
      > of what works and what doesn't.

      I'm also a scientist. HJR192 was repealed long ago before many people
      were born.

      Does anyone but a few here know the effect of repeal??

      Why are all the "redemption" hucksters refusing to admit it was
      repealed? I see all of them starting out depending upon its existence!

      They offer it as the reason for their stance. None that I've ever met
      or heard ever tried to live as though it never existed (the result of
      repeal). No, they NEED it to exist to support their theories!

      So, it exists in the minds of most who never cared to know it was
      repealed a long time ago. Another long but shorter time ago I posted
      right here on this list about the repeal, which I had personally
      discovered by myself shortly after the repeal, quite by accident while
      doing other research. What prompted my posts on it back then was the
      fact that many years after that another person sent me a file containing
      different evidences of its repeal than the original statutes at large
      where I saw it was repealed. So the word was obviously spreading, but
      obviously new users of this list never go back into the archives to
      discover what has already been discussed, or look in the files section
      to see what treasures lie there, so we still see people talking as
      though HJR192 was a meaningful law instead of a relic of warped history.

      The interesting thing is that "redemption people" cannot seem to
      function without the assumed existence of HJR192. They always start out
      mentioning it as the cause of their behavior and almost mystical
      religious beliefs regarding it. The funny part for me is when they
      confess to never trying to pay their debts with gold, and they ignore
      the existence of gold and silver US coinage which MANY people (too many
      to invite to a party here at the Frog Farm) use and handle every day.
      And they seem to fail to realize that as recognized in the recent Kahre
      decision, Congress has created TWO concurrent monetary systems, from
      which any American may choose for conducting his affairs!

      As a result of that decision, which was a stupid one if you ask me, but
      it's current and so we must live under it as we do everything else we
      currently suffer, I carry a selection of "monetary items" in my pocket
      and am ready to entertain any self-professed "certified public
      accountant" with a wager.

      The wager is, he or she cannot correctly account for the items in my
      pocket that I received in trade for my own labors and properties, and
      cannot specify with certainty the correct government-issued form for
      reporting the resultant figure as income (if indeed it IS income, which
      I dispute but will save that for later.)

      Out of three accountants to whom I proposed this wager, with the
      stipulation that it be observed by any three unbiased witnesses who
      would decide the winner, all have so far declined and one is no longer
      speaking to me at all.

      It doesn't matter. The GAME is OVER!

      Bureaucratic oligarchy or constitutional republic, you choose your way
      today because a fork in the road makes a choice necessary. We cannot
      hope to wait for a consensus among the brainwashed before we experience
      our own inherited freedom. I made the decision for my freedom when I
      was six years old and have been successfully defending it ever since. I
      am now almost 60 years old. I believe that the freedom the founders
      envisioned and experienced themselves is available for those who want it
      and the ramifications that come with it. One cannot be both free and a
      subject of another. Yet many slaves want the trappings of freedom, but
      when handed the keys to their chains they hesitate to remove them and
      prefer to wait for permission from their masters, who of course will
      never give it or admit it is all within the slave's own powers to end or
      continue his condition.

      Happy Independence Day!


    • Michael
      ... If it were me, I would cite Black s Law De Luxe Fourth Edition: MONEY: In usual and ordinary acceptation it means gold, silver, or paper money used as
      Message 2 of 5 , Jul 5, 2010
        --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, Jake <jake_28079@...> wrote:

        > And regarding commercial transactions, a definition of
        >"Money" found in Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Ed. (p. 1005) is:
        >  "A medium of exchange authorized or adopted by a domestic
        > or foreign government as part of its currency.  U.C.C.
        > 1-204(24)."

        If it were me, I would cite Black's Law De Luxe Fourth Edition:

        "MONEY: In usual and ordinary acceptation it means
        gold, silver, or paper money used as circulating
        medium of exchange, and does not embrace notes,
        bonds, evidences of debt, or other personal or
        real estate."

        It goes on to explain more about "money", often
        only as coin.

        "Evidences of debt." Isn't that....Why I believe it is.

        Not picking on you, Jake. Just picking a "better definition.'
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