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RE: [tips_and_tricks] criminal complaint against a judge

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... Wow! Wish I could! Can t find any! Of course I don t look too hard; I just wait to deal with all these people who come to me claiming that that is who
    Message 1 of 8 , May 28, 2010
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      Daniel Nieves wrote:

      > Has anyone tried humbly asking a Judge not to commit a crime against
      > them? Most patriots have been identified as radical, mad and angry
      > but Ive been dealing with judges and officers

      Wow! Wish I could! Can't find any! Of course I don't look too hard; I
      just wait to deal with all these people who come to me claiming that
      that is who they are. It's so disappointing to find out that they are
      mere neighbors of the scoundrel and knave class. They love those FRNs
      and have no moral or ethical problem endorsing paychecks and circulating
      fresh debt paper. And nobody prosecutes for impersonation anymore, now
      that BO is a shining example of political behavior and character.

      > and I very politely tell
      > them and humbly say please do not "compell me to lie."

      How do you remain polite after a tasering?

      > Subordination of perjury and Depravation of rights
      > under color of Law is a crime.

      Subornation of perjury (NOT Subordination) is a legal term describing
      the crime of persuading another to commit perjury.

      Subordination in banking and finance refers to the order of priorities
      in claims for ownership or interest in various assets.

      There is a rare word spelled "depravation" which has to do with
      something being depraved, corrupted, and perverted. But the spelling
      you're more likely to need is "deprivation," which has to do with being
      deprived of desirable things like rights or freedoms.

      Did you misspell, or are you now saying that Goldman Sachs has found a
      new way to create derivatives by using their depraved sense of morality
      to obtain ownership of our rights as if we were chattel outside of the
      normal channel of getting people to use Federal Reserve Notes and
      fractional reserve banking accounts?

      > If a judge compells someone to lie, they lose their immunity and can
      > be sued in their individual capacity. Why not just notify the judge
      > politely?

      Where we have no judge to notify, how about just making a public
      declaration that we claim immunity because we are prisoners under
      duress? That's really the only situation I can imagine finding myself
      in here where we have no real officers who are in conformance with the

      Actually, we have an understanding here where I live: they outnumber me
      and I have frogs to farm, so for the well-being of both sides, we agree
      to disengage and go on with our lives, they fleecing the sheeple, and me
      enjoying the freedom most Americans used to enjoy because I know I can.


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