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All the Distict Court Judges are bias.

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  • Jerry Stanton
    In Michigan all the District Court Judges are bias.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2010

       In Michigan all the District Court  Judges are bias.                                                                                                                              Michigan Compiled Laws



      MCL 600.8381 (1)(b)

      (1) Until October 1, 2003, when fines and costs are assessed by a magistrate, a traffic bureau, or a judge of the district court, not less than $9.00 shall be assessed as costs and collected for each conviction or civil infraction determination and each guilty plea or civil infraction admission except for parking violations. Of the costs assessed and collected, for each conviction or civil infraction determination and each guilty plea or civil infraction admission, $9.00 shall be paid to the clerk of the district court. (get the picture now why court appointed attorneys won't advise clients to go to trial?)




      (b) Beginning October 1, 2003, the clerk shall transmit $9.00 of any costs assessed before October 1, 2003 to the justice system fund created in section 181 of the revised judicature act of 1961, 1961 PA 236, MCL 600.181.




      600.181 Justice system fund; creation; use; disposition; investment; distributions.


      Sec. 181.


      (1) The justice system fund is created in the state treasury. The money in the fund shall be used as provided in this section.


      iv) To the secretary of the legislative retirement system for deposit with the state treasurer in the retirement fund created in the Michigan legislative retirement system act, 1957 PA 261, MCL 38.1001 to 38.1080, 1.2% of the fund balance.


      (vii) To the state court fund created in section 151a, 14.3% of the fund balance.


      (viii) To the court equity fund created in section 151b, 25.55% of the fund balance.




      Sec. 151b.


      (c) Excess court fees transmitted by the state treasurer pursuant to section 217 of the judges retirement act of 1992, Act No. 234 of the Public Acts of 1992, being section 38.2217 of the Michigan Compiled Laws

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