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Great patriot Dr. Robert,Clarkson is no longer w/ us

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      Subject: [SPAM] Dr. Robert,Clarkson

      Hello My Friend,

      On a very sad note; just had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Robert
      Clarkson's Mother; her wonderful son Robert passed away sometime during the
      night. He has taken the final journey, crossing into eternity to spend time
      with his beloved Father. He has beaten us home; he has successfully
      traversed this short time on earth. As his brother shared; he has filed his
      last filing and will not have to process any more ~ PTL.

      He once shared; after being wounded in Vietnam and coming to realize that
      all wars are political profit machines; that he used the GI Bill to fund
      four years in law school and upon graduation sued the President for fraud
      and misdealing and won. His entire life was spent defending and educating
      the publicly schooled along with the poor helpless victims of the Fed. He
      always carried with him an encouraging word along with a unique remedy.

      Robert was a great friend and a Real American Christian. He was legally
      trained and in his own words cost the revenue boys millions/billions of
      dollars. He was always a gentleman and never damaged anyone. He was a
      champion of the cause and a true support of lawful government: the only
      purpose of government is the protection of Life, Liberty and Property and
      the Pursuit of Happiness. He always stood against bad government offering
      services at the point of a gun and for this he spent many months caged just
      like the Honorable Sherry Peel Jackson; CPA, Fraud Investigator, IRS Agent
      and put there by her own agency. His often heard quote was that Freedom is
      never Free. Government offering services by fear is no government at all.

      There are three types of men: Real Americans, Pseudo Americans and Socialist
      Americans. Real Americans make up 10% of society; they have an agenda, they
      know where they are going. Pseudo Americans make up 80% of society; they
      simply don't care; they just want to be lift along to do their thing.
      Socialist Americans make up the last 10% and their agenda is control
      comprising most of the corporations, government included.

      Because of the Honorable Dr Robert Clarkson thousands today know and stand
      for good government while proclaiming the truth and the way to liberty. May
      your rest be sweet and gentle my dear friend. He was a man among men and
      always a champion for the Truth and my dear brother your spirit will
      continue to live on blessing millions. Because of your life the children may
      one day be free; only if there were more like you.

      We thank the Creator for your life and you will be sorely missed my friend!

      The Funeral and burial will be held in Sumter, South Carolina; the date has
      not been set. Please keep the family in prayer along with Robert's Mom as
      she is the Mother of seven children, five boys and two girls.

      Blessings my Friend...

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