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RE: [tips_and_tricks] History of the Social Security Number and Its Uses

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  • Ed Siceloff
    One of the things said in the below reference is: Many other actions of the Federal government have expanded the areas of use of the SSN beyond its original
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      One of the things said in the below reference is:

      Many other actions of the Federal government have expanded the areas of use of the SSN beyond its original purposes.

      One should talk about a Federal government having expanded the areas of use of the SSN beyond their original purposes, but, one can not talk about that without also talking about how the Federal government has expanded the use of the Federal government well beyond its original purposes.  Within that expansion of Federal power, lies the expansion of the use of the SS number. 

        And the expansion of Federal power is completely unjustified by any of the organic documents of the United States , by the US Code, statutory history, courts, etc.  And, yet, what is…is. 

        4 United States Code 72 states All offices attached to the seat of government shall be exercised in the District of Columbia , and not elsewhere, except as otherwise expressly provided by law.” 4 U.S.C. § 72

        I’d say that “all” means “everything” and can not be interpreted in terms of exclusion.    The word shall, from my experience, when used in law has the meaning of a command, although I am open to comment on that.   What could possibly be the imagined intent of stating that offices “shall be exercised in the District of Columbia ” and then state that they shall not be exercised elsewhere?  These are pretty explicit and commanding statements.  The only exception to “all” and “not exercised elsewhere” are those instances where the  United States Congress, (I don’t recollect that there is anyone else with delegated authority to make law in the United States ) says that an office can be exercised elsewhere, and by making the law, they expressly state “where” (the elsewhere) the office can be exercised. 

      This is one place in the United States Code that would seem to express what it expresses in pretty much everyday language, that is able to be understood by all of us simpletons  (remember that a maxim of law is that the people it addresses, the common people, must be able to understand it—and, my own maxim, is that if I don’t/ can’t understand it, then how can my ignorance NOT be an excuse), although I don’t mean to address members of this group with the word I addressed myself with, to clarify a little.  Well, perhaps an insult is called upon in relation to what Dave has related to us in terms of the Social Security Administration, which is not an insult addressed to Dave himself.  It would seem that, unlike myself, and probably most of you, that this part of the Code, expressed almost at the beginning, is not understood by the experts who exercise the law found in the Social Security Administration, and much less the IRS, or the Secretary of the Treasurer, or that office’s delegated office of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue; or the Department of Justice, or….I think that there is another statute listing all the Departments of government  that are attached to the seat of government.  So the question I have, and it is rhetorical for the members of the group, Bear, and not necessarily to be answered by the group, although if someone wants to …., is “How come we have the US here, in my neighborhood?”  This is a question that one would ask the US , or those saying that they are representing the US , say, when they come to your house, or mine.  Possibly the first occasion to ask one of them this question will be when the census worker comes to your door.  “Are you authorized to do your job outside of Washington D.C. ?”

        But, I am not speaking of picking upon the poor census taker who is merely “doing his job” to get a payday that quite possibly is not usually a possibility that they would otherwise have.  Let’s go after the big boys.

        Sure am glad that it is not my government.  Good grief, I’d then have to probably live in Washington D.C. myself.




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      "He had been kicked in the head when young and believed everything he read in the Sunday Papers. " 
      George Ade, Fables in Slang: The Slim Girl

      History of the Social Security Number and Its Uses

      The original Social Security Act (P.L.. 74-271, August 14, 1935) imposed two taxes to finance the program of retirement and survivor benefits to be administered by the Social Security Board. One was a tax as a percentage of wages imposed on employees; the second was a matching tax on employers. To finance the Federal contribution to State programs of unemployment compensation required by the same Act, a tax as a percentage of wages was imposed on employers.

      Section 807 of that Act charged the Bureau of Internal Revenue in the Treasury Department with collecting all three taxes. Section 807(b) provided Such taxes shall be collected and paid in such manner . . . (either by making and filing returns, or by stamps, coupons, tickets, books, or other reasonable devices or methods necessary or helpful in securing a complete and proper collection and payment of the tax or in securing proper identification of the taxpayer), as may be prescribed by the Commissioner

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