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Let's Give the IRS People a New Year They Will Never Forget!

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  • Barry
    Here s how I propose we do that; go to our own Collection Due Process Hearing (CDPH hereafter) armed to the teeth with every possible thing we can from a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2010

      Here's how I propose we do that; go to our own Collection Due Process Hearing (CDPH hereafter) armed to the teeth with every possible thing we can from a knowledge standpoint enabling us to get them prosecuted criminally because they failed to perform any of the duties of their office under 26 USC § 7214 for:


      1)   failing or neglecting to send a Uniform Acknowledgment Letter timely, or any other failure or neglect to perform a duty under 26 USC § 7214(a)(3); or,


      2)  for making or signing a fraudulent entry or statement; i.e. a notice of determination in a CDPH under 26 USC § 7214(a)(7); or,


      3)  in the unlikely event the hearing officer does nothing wrong, put the criminal misdeeds of other IRS personnel on the hearing officer's plate in the form of a hearing issue and see if they, having knowledge or information of the violation of any revenue law by any person, fail to report, in writing, such knowledge or information to the Secretary under 26 USC § 7214(a)(8).


      There is still another way to give IRS personnel a New Year that they will never forget, and that is to get them FIRED using Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 § 1203 TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT FOR MISCONDUCT for:


      1)   the violation of any right under the Constitution of the United States under § 1203(b)(3)(A); or,


      2)  violations of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, Department of Treasury regulations, or policies of the Internal Revenue Service (including the Internal Revenue Manual) for the purpose of retaliating against, or harassing, a taxpayer, taxpayer representative, or other employee of the Internal Revenue Service under § 1203(b)(6).


      To accomplish this, we are going to have to know what their duties are as well or better than they do. I put five f!ree videos on my blog in two different posts here:




      explaining how my biggest research package for the biggest savings will help you accomplish this.


      Note: PLEASE, leave comments about the videos & my suggestions if you feel like it. Also, if you feel like it and have a Twitter account, please retweet this blog post to your followers. Thanks!


      HAVE YOU ALREADY HAD YOUR CDP HEARING?: If you already had a Collection Due Process Hearing, did you know that the Internal Revenue Service Office of Appeals retains jurisdiction with respect to any determination made under this section, including subsequent hearings requested by the person who requested the original hearing under 26 USC § 6330(d)(2)? Retention of jurisdiction is an area that has not been explored as to its usefulness. This section suggests that you could reopen your hearing and raise new issues you didn't know about before. I suspect this could be especially effective if you use a Freedom of Information Act request to prove the hearing officer on your case made a false statement when holding all the steps had been followed in your case.


      DID YOU NOT GET A NOTICE OF FILING OF LIEN OR FINAL NOTICE OF INTENT TO LEVY YET? If you suspect there may be trouble brewing but you haven't received either of the above documents, don't wait! Get this package and send in your Freedom of Information Act (FOIAs) requests. Put yourself in a position to make the argument that all the steps weren't followed. Then, request the hearing using the forms in the package. In the past, the IRS has noticed that a requester has not been sent either of the above forms and is not entitled to the hearing and sent back a proposal to have a different kind of hearing. Take that opportunity to raise issues as described above, in the videos at the link to my blog, and as described in the f!ree videos at www.irsterminator.com. There are not many things worse than getting a notice giving you 30 days to do something and trying to study what to do while under time constraints and the other compulsory tasks that go with living life. I encourage you to get ahead of the game by using some anticipation.


      DID YOU DO A 1099-OID? Again, it is highly recommended that you recognize in advance that there is trouble brewing, get the FOIAs going and put yourself in a position that if they are going to prosecute you, they are also going to have to prosecute criminal IRS people as well. You are going to have to have pursued their prosecution before they get started on their's against you to make this work.




      The usual price of my biggest research package is $577. Until I get enough money to pay my rent, I'm giving you a Discount Code IRSNewYear which gives whoever enters it in the "Discount Coupon" box of my shopping cart a discount of $180! That's an additional savings of 31%! That makes the package not the already discounted price of $577 (a savings already of more than a $1000); but a further discounted price of $397!


      Hurry up!! My landlord is waiting! This is a fantastic deal that I may be taking down as soon as I get my rent paid. Of course, I'll take your calls if you have questions both now, and after you order. Here's my number. Thanks in advance, Bear



      Phone Contact: 720-675-7230

      Best times to call: 8:30 am-9:00 pm MST

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      www.irslienthumper.com www.irslevythumper.com www.irs-armory.com www.freedivorceforms.net

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