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Re: Fwd: Going Viral - 1st, 5th and 16th Amendments

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  • Patrick M
    Robert L. Schulz & the We the People Foundation have supported BS arguments such as Section 861 , the income tax is a direct tax , grand jury
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2010

      Robert L. Schulz & the “We the People Foundation” have supported BS arguments such as “Section 861”, the “income tax is a direct tax”, “grand jury presentments”, “petitions for redress of grievance”, “qui tam actions” & the “natural born citizen was a parentage requirement”.


      Bob Minarik supported the “Section 861” BS & Gary Franchi worked with Aaron Russo who claimed the “the income tax is voluntary” CRAP.




      I’ve already posted my exchanges with Jeff where I explained WHY I feel the 16th Amendment is mainly IRRELEVANT.




      And based this & many other things, I would strongly suggest people consider the POSSIBILITY that many of these SUPPOSTED “legal arguments” that are BS are either PURPOSELY DESIGNED to FAIL & create ANGER & FEAR against the GOVERNMENT and/or to enable certain groups to gain POLITICAL POWER.


      SUCCESS leaves CLUES.  So does FAILURE.


      Patrick in California


      "Mass mind control was an art in old testament times and it is not a lost art, but a perfected one." – Unknown



      > ---- Bob Minarik <rlmpfl9065@...> wrote:


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      > A very important request from Attorney Jeffrey Dickstein.

      > Please do all that you can to honor that request!

      >  bob minarik - rlmpfl9065@... 


      > ----- Original Message -----

      > From: Jeffrey A. Dickstein

      > To: VonBreichenruchardt Da ; Robert L. Schulz ; George Sheppard ; Gary Franchi, LLS ; Bob Minarik

      > Sent: Sunday, December 27, 2009 11:33 AM

      > Subject: Going Viral - 1st, 5th and 16th Amendments



      > Gentlemen,


      > Despite having the chance with the Benson litigation to put an end to the IRS, the income tax, and the efforts of the government to squelch the First Amendment and destroy the Fifth Amendment right to defend, that effort utterly fell on its face.


      > We have a second chance with the Hirmer case. I am personally calling on you, men with the proven capability to get the word out, to take the below message, or some variation of it, viral. We have two weeks, until January 15, 2010, to accomplish the goal.


      > Can the American People count on you?


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