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If we are sovereign, we take control.

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  • Frog Farmer
    This is clipped from http://ecclesia.org/truth/prolegomena.html Read carefully part of a speech by John Winthrop, Governor of Massachusetts Bay: The great
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2009
      This is clipped from http://ecclesia.org/truth/prolegomena.html

      "Read carefully part of a speech by John Winthrop, Governor of
      Massachusetts Bay:

      The great questions that have troubled the country are about the
      authority of the magistrates and the liberty of the people. It is
      yourselves who have called us to this office, and being called by you,
      we have our authority from G*d, in way of an ordinance, such as hath the
      image of G*d eminently stamped upon it, the contempt and violation
      whereof hath been vindicated with examples of divine vengeance. I
      entreat you to consider, that when you choose magistrates, you take them
      from among yourselves, men subject to like passions as you are.
      Therefore when you see infirmities in us, you should reflect upon your
      own, and that would make you bear the more with us, and not be severe
      censurers of the failings of your magistrates, when you have continual
      experience of the like infirmities in yourselves and others. We account
      him a good servant, who breaks not his covenant. The covenant between
      you and us is the oath you have taken of us, which is to this purpose,
      that we shall govern you and judge your causes by the rules of G*d's
      Laws and our own, according to our best skill. When you agree with a
      workman to build you a ship or house, etc., he undertakes as well for
      his skill as for his faithfulness, for it is his profession, and you pay
      him for both. But when you call one to be a magistrate, he doth not
      profess nor undertake to have sufficient skill for that office, nor can
      you furnish him with gifts, etc., therefore you must run the hazard of
      his skill and ability. But if he fail in faithfulness, which by his oath
      he is bound unto, that he must answer for. If it fall out that the case
      be clear to common apprehension, and the rule clear also, if he
      transgress here, the error is not in the skill, but in the evil of the
      will: it must be required of him. But if the case be doubtful, or the
      rule doubtful, to men of such understanding and parts as your
      magistrates are, if your magistrates should err here, yourselves must
      bear it."

      So, his oath is the only basis for his authority; his native abilities
      and personality are not. If he failed to take the oath, it must mean he
      never encountered the requirement by reading the constitution he was
      supposedly sworn to uphold. If he did read it, then he chose to disobey
      it, or is incompetent to understand it. Either way, no oath = no
      authority, as long as you don't let him get away with a "de facto"
      claim, which arises when nobody calls his authority into question and
      records get made, and they have to stand as official because nobody
      acted properly in the initial moment of confrontation (or cooperation,
      whatever the case happened to be).

      This is why I would always do a mutual citizens arrest of the
      impersonator(s), and we can settle everything (all the objections and
      protestations of all those involved) when we finally get in front of the
      real magistrate that the republican form of government must keep
      available for such matters. Oh, there isn't one!? Then everyone has to
      go home and disperse, or provide adequate food and shelter for their
      prisoners. I'm not going to feed these paycheck anticipators, and
      because there are so many offenders, I cannot afford to take them all
      into custody and force their prosecutions. I suggest they go home, and
      sin no more and read the constitution that would have informed them of
      the requirements of the offices they wanted to hold but rejected by
      their own inactions. Maybe they should also research the fate of
      Ceausescu's police and what happened after the tyranny got displaced in


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