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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Purported Clerk of Court forecloses absent a Note or proper Oath of  Office

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... There are places where it is a crime to act as though it were taken, and they still don t take it. I cannot quote off the top of my head, but one of the
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 7, 2009
      Gary wrote:

      > This is a pretty good one since they have declared it a crime to not
      > take the oath.

      There are places where it is a crime to act as though it were taken, and
      they still don't take it. I cannot quote off the top of my head, but
      one of the founding fathers is reputed to have said, paraphrased, that
      people will take as much as they can before they break and rebel against
      the foolishness. Popeye used to say, "that's all I can stands; I can't
      stands no more!" So let's get this straight, from the beginning, oaths
      were required to transform the mere neighbor into the superior officer.
      Then a judge said, "Nah! Why worry about it?" and from then on, the
      people that used to be known as impersonators had tons of legal
      competition? I don't think so because it would be "unconstitutional" to
      disregard a constitutional requirement. Judges cannot amend the
      constitution, state or federal, that way. But people may waive rights
      and fail to object timely in the Initial Moment Of Confrontation (do you
      see the whites of their eyes yet?) (Be ready to object timely every
      moment of every day with anyone.) Fail to do it, and the record might
      prove it, that you failed to do it. Make all the record the
      constitution requires, and those who don't have little to fall back on
      except that willingness to suffer violations of rights without objection
      that people seem to have adopted as the new political correctness.

      I get a real kick out of, "Yeah, we used to have to do it; then the
      court said we don't, and we of course go along with that because we are
      snookered into waiving our right to conduct our own "one supreme" court
      and allowing professional BAR attorneys to interplead and insinuate
      themselves into our affairs without objection, because, after all,
      nobody ever told us to do differently, and since we hardly know what it
      is to experience the rights of a Tom Jefferson, can we be blamed for
      letting that right slip away from us??"

      I love hearing how, "the bad judge did this; the bad judge did that" and
      I wonder, "how did the disqualification proceedings go down?" "Huh?
      Disqualification proceedings? What are they?" They're where you call a
      spade a spade and a fraud a fraud, even though it might hurt some
      feelings and make people mad at you and cause the pizza to get cold
      before it can be consumed as planned. But most people waive all rights
      if asked to do so in a stern but compassionate voice by a self-righteous
      authority figure of any stripe, and there are a large percentage of
      humans who think that they should affect the actions of the rest of us.
      Some use law as an excuse to do it and obviously, some do it no matter
      what the law says, as long as "the judge" says they can. Many times I
      have heard, "tell it to the judge". Now I plan to make it known that if
      not immediately released I will be expecting to tell it to him within
      the hour, mileage and transportation permitting. Then I will be on
      another fun hunt for the Big Bux. I will be on the hunt for a qualified
      individual acting as an accessory and co-conspirator to the fine
      specimen already in my clutches (mutual citizens' arrest, with my
      charges usually exceeding theirs). Now, they know this. How often do
      you think I have IMOCs anymore? If I have one, it is an accident like
      stepping on a rattlesnake. But I know that rattlesnakes do not always
      bite. Some like novel situations. I have several people "on the
      inside" who are able to rattle for me so that I am not stepped on. You
      do NOT want to tread on me, as I was left for dead and have nothing to
      lose. My remaining time "is ALL GOOD" as they say. "Bring it on!" as
      Bush said. But I got a phone call: "all we want is peace". I said, "me
      too!" and things have been groovy ever since, except for that one time
      when they arrived in force not knowing whose place they were invading,
      and I disqualified them on the spot with NO rebuttal or later hostile
      actions. And this was long enough ago to know the issue is dead. So
      my current personal belief is, "we get the government we deserve." And
      there are all sorts of "realities" out there. Today I heard about a
      lady who gave her 15-year-old granddaughter a $5 gold piece. The girl
      opened a bank account with it, balance: $5. The kind bank who accepted
      the coin at face value (and the teller who most likely took it home) was
      Fell's Wargo. How can you stop weird stuff like that, or anything?!
      All you can do is rule yourself, and not others. You don't need to wait
      for anyone to join you. They won�t. So you have to stand up for
      yourself, and do it ASAP, in the IMOC. Try it; you'll like it (after
      the initial shock wears off)(shock that it actually is TRUE!). But fail
      to act timely; waive rights and then try to recover them, and I expect a

      "Your mileage may vary", as they say. I say I deserve everything Tom
      Jefferson had in the way of rights of Englishmen.

      > However, at least for those in other states, be aware that
      > in
      > some states, Arkansas is one, even though there is a requirement to
      > take an
      > oath, the courts in Arkansas have found that the failure to take the
      > oath or
      > to qualify in other ways, does NOT invalidate any actions taken by
      > that
      > person while performing the duties of that office. They are declared
      > de
      > facto officers and all acts performed in accordance with the duties of
      > that
      > office are valid.

      This is again why one might want to disqualify actors before they can
      act, and withhold cooperation. Even REAL judges can be disqualified!!
      That's why the laws for doing it are there! But who REALLY reads law
      books to learn these things but nerds on specialty e-mail study groups
      and lists like this one? I'm the only one on my block to know this
      stuff! Big block too, about 1/2 mile on a side.

      > In states where the courts have found this to be true, there
      > is no point in any public officer taking the oath of office.

      In those states, was there a certain date or event that caused what used
      to be required to be able to be invalidated by one man, or a few men,
      without regard to the will of the people expressed through the
      legislature that wrote what used to be the law? I have a feeling that
      nobody really objected timely in whatever case is being used as the
      excuse for the constitutional amendment "de facto". (Hahahaha!)

      > Why subject yourself to the possibility of being charged with
      > violating your oath of office when you legally operate in
      > the office without it?

      So crooked judges really CAN amend constitutions?! I don't believe it.

      Look up the methods of amending constitutions where you live. You won't
      find that method listed. But people will permit an awful lot before
      they stand up and fight back. Most won't even fight verbally.

      > I haven�t looked into any other states, but I wouldn�t be
      > surprised to see the same in many states.

      California says it's a crime to impersonate an officer. It is the
      taking of the oath that transforms the mere neighbor into the officer
      with powers of the office. Otherwise, what does? 6 out of 10 believe
      he is the officer, so democracy wins? NBC and CBS announced he was the
      officer, so he must be? He received the paycheck of the officer and
      cashed it? That must be it then! So now how do we identify
      impersonators? The public records used to do it are sabotaged. You
      know what? THE GAME IS OVER, PEOPLE!!! When the Berlin Wall came down
      and the Soviet Union tyranny faded into history, many KGB employees
      showed up for work the next day and wanted instructions for further
      action. Flash forward to America today...the empire is mortally wounded
      and dying a slow death. The fraud has become systemic.

      Prepare to take care of yourself.


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