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Since I'm not you, I can't run this group like you would!

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  • Barry
    I got a complaint about how I run the group. I wanted you all to see my response in red: Barry, I ve made a few posts over the years. I can t remember one of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2009
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      I got a complaint about how I run the group. I wanted you all to see my response in red:


      I've made a few posts over the years. I can't remember one of them being approved by you.

      I'm sure you are a member of groups that have no rules and will continue to be; have fun.

      Without being able to participate in discussion there is little to be gained from maintaining a membership.

      I have people tell me all the time that they learn a lot from the group. What you learn from it is up to you.

      There seems to be an "in club" here, and your inconsistent application of your own rules makes little sense.

      I don't know anything about a club. Sorry you feel that way.

      Quite obviously my post was asking for more information, and the group would have benefited from seeing the answer.

      You didn't post the answer! You posted the question. What does the rule say? Is there some reason you take issue with the rule?

      I can think of no good reason to censor something of that nature.

      Just that 3000 members have nothing but a question in response to your question; like, why is he asking ME this? My experience has been that if I inundate them with emails that do not edify they will leave the group because of too much email.

      The previous post of mn, copied below for your convenience, was obviously of a private nature. Yet his post was not censored. This is reflective of a capricious nature that does not suit meaningful discussion. It serves to delegitize both you and your site.

      I've heard your complaint and I am not changing. I cannot run things your way because I am not you. I refuse to chastise myself for being capricious. I am always trying not to be.  


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