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Truth Attack Mini-Seminars Slated for Detroit and Denver

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  • Legalbear
    http://www.truthattack.org/jml/templates/ja_purity_kk/images/TAlogo.png It is a republic, Madam . . . if you can keep it. B. Franklin September 15, 2009 Tom
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      "It is a republic, Madam . . . if you can keep it." B. Franklin

      September 15, 2009

      Tom Cryer, CC&BW            Pastor Joe Larson, Chaplain            Anne Nonamus, NFTF Editor



      Dear Truth Troopers and Patriots,

      Although we realize that this is on short notice, we want to spread the word that FES and FLS are co-sponsoring two Truth Attack Mini-Sems in Detroit and Denver on October 3 and 4, respectively. I will be presenting the two seminars for Truth Attack. Details are available at THIS LINK.

      Please spread the word.


      Tom Cryer TA HQ

      If we all do something, we will all accomplish something



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