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      USPS - Frequently Asked Questions - Mailing to 'General Delivery'

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      Mailing to 'General Delivery'

      What is General Delivery?

      General Delivery: is a mail service for those without a permanent address, often used as a temporary mailing address. General Delivery is intended to be used for:

      • Post Office locations without city carrier delivery service.
      • Non-city delivery offices for those who prefer not to use Post Office Box service and for whom use of Post Office box, Caller Service, or delivery by letter carrier, would be an unreasonable inconvenience.
      • Any Post Office to serve transients (people who travel extensively) and those without a permanent address.
      • Anyone who wants Post Office box service when Post Office boxes are unavailable.

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      How do I address a mailpiece sent to General Delivery?

      Mail is Addressed:


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      What are the restrictions on the use of the General Delivery service?

      Postmasters may restrict the use of General Delivery if a customer:

      • Cannot present suitable ID.
      • Has access to city carrier service.
      • Has mail volume or service level that cannot be reasonably accommodated.

      If you wish to pick your mail up before regular delivery occurs, we suggest that you purchase a Post Office Box for a nominal fee (so that your mail is available for pickup every morning).

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      Additional information regarding General Delivery:

      • No application is required for General Delivery, persons interested in General Delivery should speak with the postmaster.
      • Limitations on the amount of time you are able to use General Delivery, if any, are determined by the postmaster.
      • Each piece of General Delivery mail is held for no more than 30 days, unless the sender requests a shorter period. General Delivery mail may be held for longer periods if requested by sender or addressee and approved by postmaster. Mail without a specific address or instructions from the sender is held for:
        • 10 days if for General Delivery at an office with letter-carrier service.
        • 15 days if for General Delivery at an office without letter

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