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Update on our case

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  • wmgreenesr
    Hi All! I have been out of action for a while and to explain, I am just getting back to the computer. It has been really hard the past few months with the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2009

      Hi All!


      I have been out of action for a while and to explain, I am just getting back to the computer.  It has been really hard the past few months with the nausea from the chemotherapy but I also had to face a bout of pneumonia which left me where I thought I was DOA when I got to the VA, but they pumped me with fluids and antibiotics and well I'm still around and attempting to continue to move our suit against the IRS forwards.


      But again, we developed our suit against the IRS in the spirit and intent that there is nothing so wrong with our government that what is right with our government can't correct and we filed our suit as a "public interest suit" involving many Constitutional Rights Violations including Peonage, Major Fraud, Mail and Bank Fraud, and set forth thirty-eight pages of Causes of Action, listing fifty-eight separate Causes of Action which have been developed against the IRS as a Government Contractor rather than the United States, further submitting that the United States of America was created as a "Christian nation."


      Causes of Action include that IRS Officials were involved in the suppression of evidence submitted to the Senate Finance Committee (Exhibit 3), following which IRS Officials publicly announced that our Petitions were being responded to with enforcement actions (Exhibit 4).  All of this, of course, has been followed by many other enforcement actions essentially meant to overthrow the Constitution and have even been perpetrated upon the District Court in which IRS falsification of damages includes Fraud upon the Court in a § 6700 suit against our participating organization (United States of America v. Robert L. Schulz, We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc., and We the People Congress (Case No. 1:07-cv-0352)) and, of course, we maintain that all of this and more has occurred in violation of our Rights of Privacy and Free Association.


      All of this is a lot in and of itself, but before this last bout with pneumonia I was able to file Form T-1080 and Motion for Leave to File Docket Entry No. 10 as Appendix D.  Of course, I am asking that the case be remanded again (the USCA already remanded our case once so this will be the second time) to the District Court but introducing Docket #10 I am also hoping that the USCA will also look at some of the case law we introduced along with Docket Entry No. 10/Appendix D.


      At this point the date for our proposed argument has been reset for the week of 9/29/09: i.e., because we were able to get Docket #10 introduced I'm praying I can get them to actually hear the case based upon the paperwork we submitted (i.e., the Appeal Brief and its appendix and Docket Entry No. 10 as Appendix D.  One way or the other, however, we have already started to plan for the eventual trip into New York City .


      Lastly I wish to say Thank You Again for everyone's help !!!  It is precisely because of that help that we can say that we been HONORED with the ability to move our suit forwards against the IRS.  For example, although Pacer Firefox plugin for Pacer is now free (https://www. recapthelaw. org), from the very beginning and for well over a year now, month after month, LegalBear paid for our legal search service to insure we were able to introduce the most pertinent of case law.  Many others sent in donations which helped to cover the Court Filing Fees, costs of printing and postage, as well as the internet fees to keep our site up and operating.  Even the Magic Jack phone we now use was sent to us as a donation to help minimize our expenses and keep up the fight.  But, the point here is to offer but a few examples of why I say that we have been truly HONORED!!!  Thank You !!!





      PS:  The Case law we introduced with Docket # 10 included the following:  1 Affidavit of Information, # 2 Case Law, Part I, # 3 Case Law Part IA, # 4 Case Law Part II, # 5 Case Law Part IIA, # 6 Case Law Part III, # 7 Case Law Part IIIA, # 8 Case Law Part IV, # 9 Case Law Part IVA, # 10 Case Law Part V, # 11 Case Law Part VA, # 12 Case Law Part VB, # 13 Case Law Part VC, # 14 Case Law Part VI, # 15 Case Law Part VIA, # 16 Case Law Part VII, # 17 Case Law Part VIIA, # 18 Case Law Part VIII, # 19 Case Law Part VIIIA, # 20 Case Law Part IX, # 21 Case Law Part IXA, # 22 Case Law Part X, # 23 Case Law Part XA, # 24 Case Law Part XI, # 25 Case Law Part XIA)


      Also, download the "Private Attorney General" to insure your signatory status and guaranteed protections as a "Private Attorney General" pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1988, "Qualified Criminal Investigator" pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 1510 and "Federal Witness" pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 1512.


      Fill in your names and the State in which you reside, have it notarized and then you can use it in connection with any legal documents you might file in the future.  When printing, however, delete the informational footnote and remember to change the printer function from "No Scaling" to "Letter" size.  Again, download the "Private Attorneys General" Document. 



      References for study include www.greenes.us, as well as About-us, Not-an-Agency, Truck Drivers, Karens Page, Karens Message,  Bills Page, Services.html, Contact Us, Truth_Attack, Civil Docket which offers a free download of all our court documents, and our Please Donate Page.

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