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  • dave
    All of this started from Florida John and his post on tips and tricks… TOPIC: SEDM SETS NEW FREEDOM SPEED RECORD…posts “Florida John’s” Gift in 2
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2009

      All of this started from Florida John and his post on tips and tricks…


      TOPIC: SEDM SETS NEW FREEDOM SPEED RECORD…posts “Florida John’s” Gift in 2 minutes flat!




      PROOF: Government is slow….Patriots are fast:


       Exhibit 05.048: http://sedm.org/Exhibits/ExhibitIndex.htm


      I put this out there in the ETHER and [the Mighty Creator] bless the folks at SEDM. ….2 minutes and its posted!!




      Enjoy this July 4th gift to freedom….give credit to John from Florida.


      From: dave




      Some of you requested a clean copy of the Feeney Letter in PDF.


       Exhibit 05.048: http://sedm.org/Exhibits/ExhibitIndex.htm



      John [a patriot] got this letter from a Congressman. At his request the name and address was sanitized to just John from Florida.


      As you can tell, it is identical to the famous Hertel letter. That is because John simply got the genius idea to simply send his own Congressperson a copy of the Hertel letter asking if he [John] could have his own copy.


      Smart huh!


      What lesson can be learned from this?

      ·         Capitalize and count on politicians being lazy and not doing original work.

      ·         When you get two IDENTICAL letters [like these from Hertel and now Feeney], I would say the Legislative Branch has spoken.


      You should see people post this soon.


      Free Inhabitant Dave


      PS: If you want the Hertel letter…here are some links:






      PSS: If you read below, you can tell how this letter can be used. Kudos to John for this “score” and kudos for insight on law and government to Rivera, Feisty Lynda, Legalbear, SEDM and the “round-up the usual” patriots.






      When possible avoid words such as "wages" and  use the word "pay", instead.  


      I am a private sector non-governmentally connected man/woman.                 

                      I have never received government “wages” as defined at Internal Revenue Code IRC § 3401(a) and 3121(a).  Based upon the legal terms defined in IRC Chapter 24A, I was never a federal “employee”.

                      I have never received payment created or acquired from any federal or State government source: taxable activity, event or stamp, benefit, privilege or property.

                      I have never received government payment for a “trade or business” defined at IRC § 7701(a)(26).  I have nothing to do with the performance of the functions of a public office.


      My 2 cents,





      Prepare. Persist. Prevail.




      On Jul 9, 2009, at 8:08 PM, dave wrote:


      There is a way to probably get many people an acknowledged copy of the letter attached. Interested?


      From: tips_and_tricks@ Authority



      Here’s an important concept on why this works.


      Your next letter to the IRS or employer AFTER you get the Congressperson letter goes like this:


      Dear  Employer:

      I realize you received a letter from the IRS. Understand that the IRS is under the Department of Treasury and that department reports to Obama. No servant is greater than its master and Obama heads the Executive Branch of government. That branch does not write law and can’t even interpret law EXCEPT FOR ITS OWN PURPOSES and for its own EMPLOYEEES. Hence, outside its own realm, everything the IRS states is considered ‘opinion”.


      In law everything is based on the Legislative Intent of the law. Other branches—including the judicial-- can interpret UNTIL the legislative branch states its intention for the law. The letter attached states the legislative Branch’s intention. In short, “When the legislative branch speaks of its intentions of law, all other branches must TAKE NOTICE.” This goes further. All lawyers are officer’s of the Court. That is the judicial branch. Any lawyer—which includes all judges—cannot step from separation of powers and speak for the Legislative Branch.


      In my possession is the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH telling me—and now I’m informing you—of its intentions when making levy law. This letter states in essence that any IRS action under sect XXX does not apply in the private sector. I am thus giving you the option to err on the side of caution—every free inhabitant is entitled to his wages--in full-- otherwise we do not live in a free society. You will err in the side of GOOD FAITH by maintaining this letter and the Congressperson’s letter in your file yet not choosing to steal wages. Take heart—the history of the IRS has NEVER been to prosecute or fine those who operate in GOOD FAITH and can prove same.




      From:  Of BOB GREGOR
      Subject: Re: [tips_and_tricks] RE: letter from Congressman Hertel Concerning IRS Levy Authority



      I sent a similar suggestion to two different Lawman groups last week.  I also suggested that the requests go to senators as well and that all requests clearly state that referal by the congressmen to the IRS for a response is NOT desired and that input from congressional legislative draftsman would be appreciated.

      Here is an additional suggestion.  Everyone who receives (or who has already received) such a letter should post it to this group as an attachment to a regular post or as a document for the group files.  It would be much more powerful for anyone who is dealing with the IRS about a levy matter to be able to provide copies of several letters from different members of congress all saying more or less the same thing.  If you only present one, it is much easier for the IRS to dismiss it as a letter from a congressman who misinterpreted the law.



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