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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Appearance by non-appearance

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  • Rickity & Rutheless
    This discussion over person has GOT to be one of the most worn out ones on this or any forum. The one thing I can say that I have learned from experience
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 3, 2009
      This discussion over "person" has GOT to be one of the most worn out ones on this or any forum.  The one thing I can say that I have learned from experience and study is that you have to know who you are.  No one can prove that you are something that you are not.  Personally I take my identification from Scripture.  I am a man.  The Creator created men and women (people), not persons, individuals, human beings, "folks" or any other term that can be legally manipulated regardless of what anyone insists!  It is up to you to firmly stipulate what and who you are, the correct and only spelling of your name and stand by it!  They can produce no document that you wrote your name on (autographed) that legally authenticated ANYTHING unless you SAY it is your "signature."  The court needs your permission to steam roll over you and it is not that difficult to NOT give them that permission.  When you indicate that "yes, that's me" or "yes, that's my signature" then you stuck your head in their noose.  Rickity

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      > What is a person? The word, "person," is
      ambiguous. Courts often use it as a synonym for "human being." or a "natural person" so as to suck you into their law system. But what does human being and natural person mean in today's law system and how can we avoid being considered such?.

      > LOUISIANA R.S. 9:11392 (13) "Person" means an individual,
      partnership, corporation, or other legal entity.
      > Person appears
      to apply to an individual but does an individual include a man?
      The above definition is a nice work of legalese serving the purpose
      of obsfucation. . I suggest the following:
      1. substitute an equal mark in place of the commas, or
      2. Using the legal maxim that "disimilar things ought not to be
      joined" it follows that "idividual" being grouped with
      other legal entities, is is a legal entity, ie,
      individual = corporation = partnership = person

      There should be a law against legalese.

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