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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Download the "Private Attorneys General" Document.

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... First I have to say I have nothing against the Greenes and I commend their guts to do what they think is right. I personally think in my own life I would
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 11, 2009
      William Moral Greene wrote:

      > Subject: [tips_and_tricks] Download the "Private Attorneys General"
      > Document.

      First I have to say I have nothing against the Greenes and I commend
      their guts to do what they think is right. I personally think in my own
      life I would pay more attention to first things first regarding issues
      of lawful status and money and constitutional priorities, which I think
      will mess up their case in court in the end. You cannot be on opposite
      poles of any issue at the same time.

      Don't be the last on your block to be a PAGOTG where you live! You
      don't need to do it via their case either!

      Private Attorney General On The Ground, but you don't have to flaunt it,
      just be ready to be it when the IMOC calls for it. Initial Moment Of
      Confrontation. Of course this means you have to be ready to notice when
      that occurs too. This hobby of being one of the last free people is
      really time consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail! I
      never thought it would have to be this way when I first heard about it
      as a kid during the Korean War, the first United Nations War. Back then,
      most people knew all the stuff nobody knows now about money, licenses,
      taxes, biology, geography, you name it. But these people with plans
      that outlive them and accomplices to help bring it about, they had a
      plan and it appears to have "worked". They stole a whole generation and
      kept them from truth! Now they have a very compliant and programmed
      people to work on.

      Thinking back over all the years, one of the most valuable computer
      programs I ever had was a ROM chip called "Creative Thought". It was an
      outline program that stimulated your thinking process. I used it many
      times to make timelines for my own projects. When I had to abandon my
      little 300 baud computer for bigger and better things, there was no
      program like it available, but in the last few years there has been
      another created by other people. There are now many outline makers, but
      the one that seems most like the one I liked best is called "Action
      Outline" - http://www.actionoutline.com/

      People can make their own outlines without such a program, it just takes
      a lot more work when revising, and it is the ease with which revisions
      can be made with the program that opens up your own time to get more
      creative in an expanding spiral of productivity. So, my advice is to
      get that program and create a master outline of your life, make one line
      "Law", one "Food", one "Household Inventory", "Appointments", etc, etc.
      and then enter in anything of value when you can. It will be there for
      you, the computer will remember and you won't have to until necessary.

      Every part of a case can go in, all the steps you can identify, all the
      laws necessary, all the citations, even outside linked sources can go
      in. So, this will reduce wasted time on your part, while making sure
      that time spent gathering good info is not wasted. When you have a
      case, you organize and plan it there. When you have an IMOC, you
      document it there. When you need a timeline, you construct it there.
      And when you need to take control of the BOTG (Boots on the Ground) you
      can be holding a printout of relevant unclassified sections! That was
      my Tip for today.

      > "If money is wanted by Rulers who have in any manner oppressed the
      > People, they may retain it until their grievances are redressed, and
      > thus peaceably procure relief, without trusting to despised petitions
      > or disturbing the public tranquility." Continental Congress To
      > Inhabitants of Quebec, an Act passed unanimously by the Congress.
      > Journals of the Continental Congress. Journals 1:105-113.
      > Please encourage others to
      > Download the Flyer
      > <http://www.albanyteaparty.com/MarchonAlbanyflyer.pdf>
      > attend a Tea Party!!!

      I looked at the flyer and I have the same problem with that plan as I do
      with the local Tea Party effort here. A lot of WFA (Waste, Fraud and
      Abuse) AND it SUPPORTS their alleged enemies! And it does little good
      if any from what I've been able to determine myself upon questioning
      people who attended.

      More good and a BIGGER BANG would be had by the participants going to
      their local coin dealer and demanding currently-minted according-to-law
      U.S. gold and silver coins with the FRNs they'd circulate doing their
      public demonstrations! How many Tea Party People know the name "Kahre"?
      I TRIED to tell them over a YEAR AGO! These people are lemmings headed
      for the cliff! Freedom-loving (not HAVING) patriotic lemmings, but
      lemmings just the same. They complain about the Fed instead of AVOIDING
      it, like people around the world are starting to do! SHOW ME THE LAW
      that says that I MUST involve "dollars" in everything I do! And then
      show me the law saying what a "dollar" IS! Today's people do not think
      of these things. And Tea Partiers are no exception, by and large. I
      cannot get my local partiers to think about it no matter what I show and
      tell them. The cognitive dissonance gets them every time they endorse
      another check.

      > "The privilege of giving or withholding our moneys is an important
      > barrier against the undue exertion of prerogative which if left
      > altogether without control may be exercised to our great oppression;
      > and all history shows how efficacious its intercession for redress of
      > grievances and reestablishment of rights, and how improvident would be
      > the surrender of so powerful a mediator." Thomas Jefferson: Reply to
      > Lord North, 1775. Papers 1:225.

      If you take debt for money you are a loser from the beginning. If you
      don't even know the difference between debt and money, what does that
      make you?

      > "Give Me Liberty � Not Debt Bondage Of Our Children And Our Children's
      > Children"

      Yet the Tea Party crowd will have only a few members with silver and
      gold coins in their pockets, fewer still with no FRNs. All will spend
      FRNs, not coins, not even clad coins, on their little outing. Few will
      know the current exchange rate between a FRN, a constitutional dollar or
      a Reagan-Kahre dollar.

      > <http://www.greenes.us/> ON BEHALF OF THOSE CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS

      How broken does the constitution have to be before one realizes that it
      is not in operation? We do not have the intended representation or
      anything near it. We are run by a soviet system.

      > It's my Tea Party

      Have fun!

      > Our names are William and Karen Greene and the first thing we would
      > like to say is "Thanks" to Al and Betty who traveled afar to help us
      > understand some of the local support groups which are available here
      > in upstate New York.

      Do these support group members all have licenses and checking accounts?

      > And of course, the government
      > attorney did this even though our "public interest suit" presents the
      > fact that Article I � 9(4) of the Constitution for the United States
      > of America reads "No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid,
      > unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration hereinbefore
      > directed to be taken."

      It is not direct, it is an excise.

      > And never mind that "No state legislator or executive or judicial
      > officer can war against the Constitution without violating his
      > undertaking to support it." Cooper v. Aaron 358 U.S. 1

      So Americans tend to let imposters and impersonators do it. No papers
      or credentials are needed by most Tea Party People from the people they
      claim are oppressing them!

      > We are not talking about the right of government to tax in terms of
      > legitimate services, but rather that to tax a man's labor is
      > unconstitutional.

      Where is the tax on his labor? Might it instead be a tax on his
      acceptance and use of privileges, measured by that use? All the old tax
      cases were when Americans knew what a dollar was, and had property and
      operated at common law. Now they operate in equity, pass debt like it
      was money, wouldn't know a dollar for a hole in the ground but use the
      word every day.

      > But again, we developed our suit against the IRS in the spirit and
      > intent that there is nothing so wrong with our government that what is
      > right with our government can't correct and we filed our suit as a
      > "public interest suit" which involves many Constitutional Rights
      > Violations including Peonage, Major Fraud, Mail and Bank Fraud, and
      > sets forth thirty-eight pages of Causes of Action, listing fifty-eight
      > separate Causes of Action which have been developed against the IRS as
      > a Government Contractor rather than the United States, further
      > submitting that the United States of America was created as a
      > "Christian nation
      > <http://www.greenes.us/files/CHURCH_HOLY_TRINITY_v_UNITED_STATES_1892_
      > .mht> ."

      Hey, I'm glad you're doing it, because if everyone did something, we'd
      have no more problems.


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