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IRS and private sector employers

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  • dave
    Roy and all: Employers are educated by their IRS-stated partners ..namely CPA s tax preparers and LAWYERS...to treat W-4, W-2 and 1099 etc. within
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      Roy and all:


      Employers are “educated” by their IRS-stated “partners”….namely CPA’s tax preparers and LAWYERS…..to treat W-4, W-2 and 1099 etc. within “lock-step” of IRS policy. These people are given courses in how to deal with typical “tax protestor” arguments of “employees”. The more you write big dissertations, the worse you look. In the case of my daughter, the employer’s big law firm would tell me that I was “interpreting” USC and CFR and court decisions wrongly---even though the English was as plain as day. The employer will always accept advice of counsel with a credential unless it really goes against simple truth. One casual look-up of the law firm revealed they had written several legal-opinions in-lock-step with the IRS. It doesn’t take a genius to figure-out that this firm was probably getting favorable treatment by the IRS, DOJ, Fed Courts etc. for “touting the party line.” If anyone wants the IRS piece that identifies CPA’s, tax preparers, employer bean counters and lawyers as their “new partners” in the “administration and enforcement of income tax laws”, let me know. The devil always persuades others to do his work.


      The easiest W-4 is marked (where they want you to mark Exempt) as: “Exempt—Organic Law 1776”.


      By doing so you are removing it from the convenience of govt. statutory definitions for exempt.



      If you want….Asterisk the SSN and  mark at bottom, “ *Not a TIN; I am not a taxpayer.”



      If the employer balks then point to the Penalty of Perjury clause and state,


      “The Dept of the Treasury right here demands I tell the truth and provides penalty for non truth. Are you advising me to lie and/or tell your version of the truth? If so, will you also sign such statement? The REAL truth is no employer—in the history of W-4 forms—has ever been cited for penalty for accepting employee statements of truth. ”









      I wouldn’t bombard anyone with a lot of material.  I would try to make it as simple and clear as possible.






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      Mr E, I am curious if it would be a good idea to bombard private sector companies with your material. Maybe a letter with questions that they simply cannot dispute and basically forcing them to produce any document that would disclose that one is a government employee if they should work for that company and give them a 30 day time limit on that or tacitly admit that you are not a government employee working on federal territory and therefore are not subject to income taxation nor obligated to fill out W-4 forms etc.  and sending a copy of the letter to local and or major media media under cc. Maybe when enough of the private sector workers see what the companies are doing to them by labeling them government workers when the company fills out the W-3, 1099's etc possibly more of them will wake up and that will be that many more people educated on the matter and not willing to help prosecute these people in the event it should go to trial.What do you think?



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