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Thank You All for your donations!!!

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  • William Moral Greene
    As some people know, after SCOTUS ducked its responsibility, my wife and I filed our public interest suit which involves many Constitutional Rights
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2009

      As some people know, after SCOTUS ducked its responsibility, my wife and I filed our "public interest suit" which involves many Constitutional Rights Violations including Peonage, Major Fraud, Mail and Bank Fraud, and sets forth thirty-eight pages of Causes of Action, listing fifty-eight separate Causes of Action which have been developed against the IRS as a Government Contractor rather than the United States.  Causes of Action include that IRS Officials were involved in the suppression of evidence submitted to the Senate Finance Committee (Exhibit 3), following which IRS Officials publicly announced that WTP Petitions were being responded to with enforcement actions (Exhibit 4).  All of this, of course, has been followed by many other enforcement actions essentially meant to overthrow the Constitution and have even been perpetrated upon the District Court in which falsified damages/and IRS falsification of damages (False Claims) includes Fraud upon the Court in a § 6700 suit against our participating organization (United States of America v. Robert L. Schulz, We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc., and We the People Congress (Case No. 1:07-cv-0352)), in violation of our Rights of Privacy and Free Association.


      Lately however, I have had a few questions about why I don't regularly post asking for donations, and one of the forum owners (i.e., Don S. vigilespaladin @ surfgate. net) of a forum where I regularly post told me to "… please always put this in every email you put out.  … Sometimes people see it and can help, but not if you don't put a request in all of your emails." 


      To which I decided to explain to the groups that I have only asked when things got so bad that I thought I would loose everything if I didn't.  The reason I try not to overtly ask unless I have no other choice is that I have found that those who give are very often those who themselves have a great need. 


      There are also many of us out here who only need help at critical points!!!  I mean, when I needed the $455 for the Interlocutory Appeal and then another $455 for the regular Appeal, I needed to ask. That is not to say I didn't borrow $20 here or there to make sure we had propane heat in the camper over the winter, but it was always paid back to the legal fund.  We also have attempted to explain where every dollar being donated has gone and that we have never received enough to pay for the ongoing case.


      The point is that we have been able to go on with Your Help!!!  And, one person (i.e., Marie disabled ladytrucker @ yahoo. com) wrote "I have read where you say you have not been allowed to return to work and … my heart cries out to you and your family. I do not believe in plastic, [and] … If I could ask for your address and not have you feel bad, I would greatly appreciate that…"  To which I responded that We also attempt to explain on our Services Page include (http://www.greenes.us/services.html) and our Please Donate Page (http://www.greenes.us/Donate.html) that Donations are for the lawsuit itself. 


      These pages also offer our mailing address of:

                     William M. & Karen M. Greene
      P.O. Box 279
                          Voorheesville , NY 12186


      I also want to apologize for even having to ask for help, but it is just that I couldn't afford to keep up the fight without help and in this context I am actually able to proceed with the case in spite of our conditions, simply because of the help from others.  That is not to say that we could not have benefited by the development of sufficient funds to hire someone like Tom Cryer, but that didn't happen.   Instead, with people like Bob and Judy Schulz paying for the $455 court fee for our Interlocutory Appeal and on Christmas a local Catholic Church took up a donation, which had us just $55 short of the next $455 fee we had to pay for our regular Appeal which is what I'm posting about now.  Others like LegalBear pay for our monthly site fees for the VersusLaw legal search engine.  Last month, I was in danger of the internet site going down, so I asked and people donated the $35 it took to keep things from going down.


      Because our action was submitted in the nature of a Qui Tam (i.e., Latin for "he who sues in this matter for the king as for himself") which is a "Public Interest Lawsuit" even the ink, paper, certified mailings to the US Attorneys, US Department of Justice, and of course, both the IRS Office directly as well as another copy to whatever IRS legal staff assigned adds up to a lot for each and ever document we serve.  A LOT !!!  I mean, if it were not for the help of others even our internet site would have been down long before this. 


      Our Appeal Brief and the Appendix to Appeal Brief were recorded as having been received the week of 02/26/2009, and now the Appellant Section for the IRS had requested an extension of time of 21 days, to May 11, 2009, and the Order and Scheduling Order #3 has been filed, where the IRS's (Appellee's) brief is expected to be served and filed on or before 05/11/2009.  I already got all the ink and paper I will need for the next round of paperwork, but in about two weeks, I'll still have to figure out how to pay for next months internet fee, as well as the next round of certified mailings.  After that, the Argument of the Appeal may be heard as early as the week of 06/22/2009, and I'll still need help with the traveling expenses and parking fees, etc., to go down to the Court of Appeal in New York City to present the Appeal.


      But again, we go on and we are now moving again before the 2nd Circuit USCA (08-06284-cv), where we are asking the USCA to Vacate the District Court's most recent Order And REMAND the case back to the USDC For Northern New York, in Albany New York for a second time.  If that happens, it will mean that the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals agrees with us and allows us to sue the IRS independent of the United States and the case will be opened up for joiners.  At that point, all joiners will automatically have the signatory status of "Private Attorneys General" (de jure) and guaranteed protections pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1988, Qualified Criminal Investigators pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 1510 and Federal Witnesses pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 1512, and after that I suspect the suit will become more well funded. And in closing, I would once again seek to express a big Thank You All for the kindness you have expressed.





      As you might imagine and as you can plainly see from all of the above, this has been a LOT for us (my wife and I) to do, and, at times, it is hard to fully realize that we are not so alone in all this.  THANK YOU Each and Every One of You!!!  References for further study include http://www.greenes.us/index.html, as well as http://www.greenes.us/aboutus.html, http://www.greenes.us/notanagency.html, http://www.greenes.us/truckdrivers.html, http://www.greenes.us/Karenspage.html,

      http://www.greenes.us/karensmessage.html, http://www.greenes.us/karensmessage.html,

      http://www.greenes.us/Billspage.html, http://www.greenes.us/services.html,

      http://www.greenes.us/contactus.html, http://www.greenes.us/truth_attack.html,

      http://www.greenes.us/civildocket.html, http://www.greenes.us/Donate.html.



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