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RE: [tips_and_tricks] BINGO...banks with no socialist insecurity number

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  • dave
    Folks: When will people realize that what the IRS recognizes or permits should be of little concern other than a ho hum. Big deal: Since when do you listen
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 19, 2009
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      When will people realize that what the IRS recognizes� or permits should be of little concern other than a ho hum.

      Big deal: Since when do you listen to and value 1/3 of something small? Some nebulous service of a Department of one 1/3 branch of a government of small enumerated powers existing in a far off land called a District tells you something of their OPINION and you want to accept it as fact and applicable to you? What type of slavery do you want to claim?

      Let's just suppose the following ridiculous notions for a moment:

      · That the Constitution is NOT law for government even though it never mentions people.

      · That its laws are NOT tied to the territory it owns. even though we know all law throughout ages has been tied to territory.

      · That is it possible for people to have a LEGAL DUTY to government even though the Declaration of Independence as LAW states otherwise.

      · That the Constitution is IT even though 3 other proceeding documents are listed as law.

      · That the federal government of small enumerated powers does indeed make law off its territory.

      · That there are indeed 3 separate branches of government in spite of Dick Chaney telling you that his payroll check came from Congress.

      Ok now that we established what is COMMONLY perceived by the IGNORAMUS slaves, let's go on to conjecture to show how even with these crazy notions this can all be self-defeated:

      · The IRS is a SERVICE for government employees and those who volunteer to be served. The IRS has such customers� according to its OWN admission.

      · The IRS--as a service to Department head--is placed by the Dept of Treasury website as being under the Secretary of the Treasury.

      · The Secretary of the Treasury reports to Obama.

      · Obama claims to be from the Executive Branch of government.

      · No slave can be greater than the powers his master has.

      · What are Obama's powers?

      · Does the Executive Branch make law under the concept of separation of powers widely accept as if there are 3 branches of government?

      · Does the Executive Branch have the power to Interpret law OUTSIDE ITS OWN EMPLOYEES AND BRANCH? No! Not under the separation of powers doctrine! What branch is that reserved for?

      · Can a SERVICE, department or branch give OPINION? Yes

      · Can you give OPINION?

      · Who is it binding upon?

      · Can a branch of government establish RULES for its own conduct? Yes

      So WHO CARES what the IRS will permit for a church! Look: I can claim that you don't have permission to do something. I can hire a thousand lawyers who will give you learned-legal opinion. I can send you out official publications stating so.

      The IRS does NOT define what is or is not a religion. All government can do is RECOGNIZE something! [example: Government RECOGNIZES marriage.] I recognize that the sky is blue today. Big deal.

      Corporation soles are RECOGNIZED by government that is all. Other corporations might be bound by government's laws WHEN THEY APPLY.

      Now if you SIGN up to government's recognition by application agreeing to be bound--- that is a different matter. The rules for recognition are rather simple and usually entail having an agent accept service of process big deal.

      Let's dispel ANOTHER myth. Do you have the power to create? Can you for example help in the creation of children? Can you create art? Can you invent? Is creation an element of a free society? Can you create any club you want? [Ex: a garden club?] Does that club HAVE to be recognized by government? Now, can you create a church? Can you define its structure to be ANYTHING you want?

      BTW: The website is wrong on a couple of accounts. It is possible for a corporation sole to have employees. What part of freedom don't they understand? It is also possible to get an EIN and have no employees for the form permits for banking purposes only. What part of ONLY don't people understand?

      "What I did was called the IRS and got a non filing number for a corp sole they gave it to me over the phone then I went and opened a account with the bank.

      done deal"
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